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  • t0m.mirabit0 t0m.mirabit0 Aug 27, 2013 9:17 PM Flag

    So Grey has no financial interest in seeing Affy bk...

    Statements like this one "Funny but I am invested in about 20 biotech stocks." might make one think he's an Amgen man here to destroy the competition. So Grey how much Amgen do you own OR are you on the payroll?

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    • Giving the guy many a chance to do something positive yet he's incapable. If its not negative its not from not from Greystoner. The silence speaks volumes.

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      • Hey Tom,
        You must remember that I have you and several others on Ignore. Only when the Train Wreck that is AFFY that is AFFiasco is a little interesting do I every check in to see what ramblings you have to offer.
        You have asked if I own Amgen stock. The answer is 'No'. Nor do I own any companies that Amgen owns or has aquired. That is nothing against Amgen, it's just that I am into stock with higher upside potential.
        You have asked for the stocks that I own. Gee, thanks for the offer to publicly tell what I own. I see no reason to do that. In the past, I have recommended RGEN, CLDX, ALNY, XOMA, ARNA. I still stick by those recommendations although CLDX and ALNY have had great runs and I would probably not suggest buying right now. If for whatever reason you are interested, you can check my posts on boards where I have recently aquired (IDRA come to mind).
        BTW, I have never shorted a stock, ever. That is only because I am too nervous against the downside of that. But I know you are obsessed with thinking that I have somehow profited off of deaths. I have told you before that I have never invested in LaffyStock, so that is not possible. As for 'profitting off of the deaths', I suppose if one were short as of about 4 years ago, before it became public knowledge from the PEARL trials that O caused deaths, then any short at that time would have profited from the newly disclosed information. That does not mean that they caused the deaths or anything, just that they would have profited by the news.
        The news of the deaths was clearly undesrtood by everyone in 2010. If anyone shorted before January of this year, then they would also have profited from the F deaths. Fresinius announced the 'halt' or whatever term they used in January, I believe. This was a humongous RED FLAG that there were serious issues, meaning most likely that deaths occurred. If one shorted after January, then that person profitted from an inefficient market, not from prior deaths.

    • Still no word from Grey other than he dreams of bloody train wrecks.

    • A little louder. I didn't get that answer. Will your answer make you a liar?

    • Everyone has a vested interest one way or another, that is why I always thought it was disingenuous that he said he has no position one way or another in the stock. He is merely here for the common good....LOL.

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