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  • thesavvymonkey777 thesavvymonkey777 Aug 28, 2013 5:58 AM Flag

    Put Things In Perspective Here, Folks...

    Bring up a one year chart for AFFY on Yahoo! Finance or any other financial website, look at the severe pullback that the stock has been through, consider the risks and the potential rewards going forward from here, and then after you do all of that, you'll more than likely find yourself with the opinion that any shares bought down here at these low levels is the stock market equivalent of a Blue Light Special.

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    • Savvy, If I may add to your advise. Also, accumulate a DD sheet listing all the irrefutable facts and discoveries posted by maxdad01, maxdad001, and EXPstocktrader. There will also be plenty of references/replies to the basher trash(BTs) whereby you can flush their garbage. BTs continue to post half-truths, facts without relevance, challenges based upon fantasies that would boggle the mind of Don Quixote, etc.
      The three above references are for the purpose of helping you keep the facts crystal clear, including risks and rewards. It is YOUR DD and your decision; however, you will be extremely grateful for the long hours and solid efforts of these professional posters who have give so generously of their knowledge, skills and abilites. There are other worthwhile posters and their input also is valuable. You will see them in the replies to the ones I have mentioned. Oh yeah, the basher trash will also magically appear but you will see they are empty noise. Jim

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    • Stocks tend to go down when the underlying company has been rendered into an empty shell and headed towards the bankruptcy court. Especially in biotech where a the underlying company is a "one trick pony", like AFFY with O, and the drug has been recalled due to patient deaths and other patient safety concerns.

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