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  • uss_muliphen uss_muliphen Aug 28, 2013 2:02 PM Flag

    Seeking Alpha "Writers" Are Glorified Yahoo Message Board Posters

    This total phoney amateur says ...." so it's no surprise that given the safety and efficacy of Epogen, dialysis centers have flocked back to it in the wake of the Omontys recall. In fact, on its second quarter earnings call, Amgen noted "Epogen was up 15% quarter-over-quarter due to increased unit demand as a result of the peginesatide [Omontys] recall …"

    DUH !

    Really ?

    They "flocked back" ?

    No (s) hit dummy.....where the hell else are they going to go if Omontys is on recall ?

    Brilliant !

    Does everybody here realize that the "writers" for BOTH SA and Motley Fool are work and "write" from their homes just like I am writing right now to post this message ?

    Google Seeking Alpha hiring article writers, and see how "professional" these "writers" are, once I saw an ad for SA looking for people to "write" for them @ $20 an hour.

    And work from your own home.

    Bunch of pure phonies.....and I GURANTEE you this clown is right here reading the reactions from his "article". And if you notice at the very top of the article he discloses he is short AFFY.

    Yahoo letting this type of $ post on their site as supposedly genuine a credible source of information is a big black mark on their reputation/name .

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    • Did any of you search ....Daniel Ravicher Seeking Alpha ? I selected him specifically because of what he declares in some of his articles, which is that he divulges his position, and in some actually says if this article causes the price of the stock to decline, if he is short, or rise if he is long at the time of writing, moves the stock in his favor he will sell, or cover which ever the case may be depending on his position at time of the article appearing. Most times he just indicates this, but in one I've seen by him he actually said what he thought a fair price for the stock was and if his article moved the stock to that price he is selling if he is long, or covering if he is short. And he does go long and short back and forth on the same stock. So him having the power to move the stock at his will kinda (s)ucks with a capital S, and Yahoo by allowing this kind of behavior also (s)ucks with a capital S, He is a lawyer. The stock I have seen him do this is VRNG. I just did a cursory search looking for the one where he specifically said his fair price for the stock he would sell if his article moved the stock to that price, but I couldn't find it yet. What amazes me is that the posters on the VRNG board (a snakepit) think this guy is the greatest. I'm thinking it must not be sinking in to them when he divulges his intentions in his article. It's like hey everybody listen up, today I want to cover so read my article that will be out in a day or two, a week or so ago he actually was on the board announcing he was going to be coming out with a positive article . He was already long at the time. I think it's his latest SA article over there now. There's maybe a half dozen of them by various SA writers. Dan Ravicher is the one I'm talking about. It's a good idea to be aware of what these writers are all about.........their own rear-end.

    • hey now, I used to be an SA author til they banned me for publishing too factual of articles that didn't get enough controversy to drum their click rate more than 5 to 8k per article.

      Oh wait, I see what you mean, they fired me for being good... gotcha!

    • Couldn't be said any better! Anyone can write an article here, just the name sounds so pro, that people buy, or sell into their articles! Amazing!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Strange how you complain about this one Seeking Alpha article/writer yet don't complain about Exptrader who has written 4 SA pump articles on AFFY. Nice double standard

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 2 Replies to shredaholic
      • shredaholic....If you note I think I clearly said at the head of my thread .....Seeking Alpha Writers....with an S , as in plural. This particular "article" was clearly designed to shock/jolt people into selling before actually reading. It was done in a very amateur way, but it clearly achieved the "writers" goal, to give the opportunity to cover his short position. Very often many holders will panic very easily by seeing shock headlines and in panic look no farther, and will be immediately followed by others running for the exits.

        Example: "AFFYMAX LIKELY WORTHLESS...OMONTYS KILLS AT LEAST 9 X MORE PEOPLE THAN EPOGEN ".....very amateurish, but it works. The fact that Yahoo even lets these SA an MF people put their "articles" on here kinda blows, the mere fact that they appear on Yahoo gives them credibility, where many time the credibility is not even close to being deserved. I have seen some of these "writers" that actually appeared they know of what they speak, those times they are usually a professional, a doctor or lawyer etc. But this hack today, well I'm sure he maybe got to cover. As an example of their agenda, I can point to a particular SA writer, where in his "article" he actually divulges he is long the stock, and near the end of the article he also divulges.....if the stock pops because of his article......he's dumping the stock.....this is no joke. Google Daniel Ravicher and read some of his stuff, I believe it was VRNG where I saw him divulging if the stock pops because of his writing he was going to dump. You might have to read a few of his stuff, I don't know if he divulges his intentions in every article. Well homey's giving yet another worthless spiel right now, so I don't want to miss anything.