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  • maxdad001 maxdad001 Aug 28, 2013 4:49 PM Flag

    Following an almost identical trajectory of abuse and manipulation that we saw


    On Questcor just a little less than a year ago, and look where that is today!!! Scenario is different, but short attacks virtually identical...Extrapolate from fragments of truth to an Apocalyptic Conclusion.

    Here's a metaphor. Imagine I published in a popular media outlet that the President was dead and it was read by thousands to millions of people. But I neglected to tell you I was referring to Abe Lincoln...

    Same exact game (BUNKO in certain circumstances) played with QCOR and every bit as relentless. But the shorts saw the writing on the wall...Especially those who were holding a rather significant position of PUTS...they had nothing to lose especially since there was obviously some new MOMO players in the stock that bail on first twinge of anything negative (True or NOT).

    To their credit it was well played if total horse krapp!!! And so long who has time to dissect line by line, though I have debunked previously EVERYTHING that was in there.

    So what motivated the author...They had become absolutely TERRIFIED THAT THIS WAS GETTING TOTALLY AWAY FROM THEM...And if in fact they ARE paid bashers probably had very explicit marching orders to get this back under control...And for today they were successful.

    Truth will prevail and when the truth turns out to be the return of Omontys and the buyout of Affymax by Takeda, they will be long since gone returning to absolute anonymity...But who will repay all those that they intimidated with their abjectly false assertions and manipulations? I guarantee they have not had anyones interest but their own and haven't since I started taking on their deceptive trading practices months ago...Just look at the ad hominem attacks they've waged at me without abandon!!! OTHER THAN THE SUBSTANCE OF WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING WITH AFFYMAX, IT IS PROBABLY THE SECOND BEST BULL SIGNAL ANY OF US COULD HOPE FOR AND ONE HELL OF AN OPPORTUNITY...and yes I increased my stake this afternoon by another 20% and will add more!!!

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    • Bravo up to the top

    • If you said the President was brain dead it wouldn't matter which one you were talking about.:)

    • Is there a way to send e mails to seeking alpha? They stand next to the author of this peace of sh--t article and stand liable for not checking the facts for any damages caused by the article.

    • "Truth will prevail and when the truth turns out to be the return of Omontys and the buyout of Affymax by Takeda"

      Why would Takeda pay anything to AFFY share holders? Takeda owns "O" already..

      Why would TBG, a BK restructuring firm, want to help AFFY share holders, especially when all former executives left the sinking ship?

      Is TBG setting the stage for BK, in coordination with Takeda?

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      • Takeda does not own "O" in terms of the patents and other development information as indicated in the April 10th 8-K:

        The Amendment effectuates a transfer of regulatory responsibilities, including the OMONTYS New Drug Application, or NDA, and all manufacturing, and development responsibilities from the Company to Takeda as soon as practicable but in any event prior to April 30, 2013 with related transition services and support. Takeda has agreed to reimburse the Company for certain personnel costs to assist in the transition and investigation activities for the month of April in order to support the planned transition. Takeda receives a worldwide, exclusive royalty-bearing license under Affymax and joint Takeda-Affymax patents to develop, manufacture and commercialize OMONTYS.

        As a result of the Amendment, Takeda assumes full responsibility for OMONTYS, including the ongoing recall and investigation of OMONTYS as well as any subsequent decisions as to whether the product may be subject to re-introduction if Takeda is able to complete the investigation and address the safety concerns to the satisfaction of the FDA.