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  • udanut udanut Aug 28, 2013 8:07 PM Flag


    I was hoping that you were going to join the team. You or grazeldathudpucker would have been a solid addition. If any of my group received compensation from Seeking Alpha that is a strict rule violaton and sanctions need to be meted out. BASHERS CANNOT EXPECT DOUBLE PAY FOR THE SAME JOB!

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    • I hate Seeking Alpha articles in the first place, read my posts earlier, they are bunch of traders. I'm an independent guy and I post what it is worth and the facts.

      I told many to load up when it was $1+ and even @1.50 range. I found a better bet with AAMRQ, since I know for sure some settlement will occur and needed cash to play out. After my sell the stock was going at 1.95-1,98 range for prolonged period. If many wanted to sell, they could have sold and played with the house money.

      Never expected to fall below 1.80 range. It hit 1.55, picked all my shares and I hold a huge chunk of AAMRQ for my next ride. Today's news bodes well for AMR merger.

      On AFFY I bought back all my shares, all of SA articles do not matter to me, it just gave me a chance to further my retirement!


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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