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  • uss_muliphen uss_muliphen Aug 29, 2013 12:51 AM Flag

    Go Back On The Yahoo News To 2/25/2013 21:29

    I clearly remember when this happened, there were three people that died, and of the three one was already severely sick. Where did this Seeking Alpha clown get his figure of five people dieing? This may sound like a trivial question, but three out of 25,000 ? Is that a horrendous figure when these people were probably on death's door already ? This may sound callous, but it's simply the facts.

    For this total fraud that wrote the SA article to write the BLARING headline that...."OMONTYS KILLS AT LEAST 9X MORE PEOPLE THAN EPOGEN".....and gets away with this kind of fraud is disgusting.

    The way he worded this.......9X MORE PEOPLE... he knew exactly what kind of results that will cause to the stock. Having an opinion is one thing, but total deception is quite another story.

    How the hell can you kill ...9X MORE PEOPLE.....when only three (NOT FIVE) people died to begin with ?

    I don't care what kind of voodoo explanation he wants to come up with, the guy is (s) c,um of the earth.

    The wording was a deliberate attempt to cause panic, the same as somebody screaming FIRE in a crowded building , when there really is no fire.

    An attitude can be taken, oh well the stock will recover, it's just another day.........until someone else like this piece of dung slithers out of his hole again, to work the stock to fit into his personal schedule.

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