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  • maxdad001 maxdad001 Aug 29, 2013 1:10 PM Flag

    A reminder viz. The Questcor experience...


    Not that we should believe that these situations are identical, they're certainly not. But the one thing that they DO HAVE IN COMMON is that both were victimized by the kinds of heavy assaults from the short side that we have witnessed for months here and more severely in the past 24 hours. It took a lot of work and time to finally debunk the ruthless attacks on Questcor, but the ultimate results are undeniable.

    NOTHING has changed about the Affymax/Omontys story in the past 24 hours other than we witnessed an all out assault for reasons most of you understand completely. These same kind of attacks occurred throughout the fall and ascent of QCOR but were eventually overtaken by truths. And the truth will eventually be revealed about Omontys and Affymax...Everything else is based on research and analysis. I have attempted to provide you all with both direct and indirect (HISTORICAL COMPARATIVE INFORMATION) and analysis on this situation whereas our friends from the Dark Side have resorted to heavy handed smear campaigns predicated on massively inaccurate and manipulative information.

    You have to believe one side or the other as this ultimately has a binary outcome, but under all circumstances you should do your own investigation into Affymax and VALIDATE anything material posted here, on Seeking Alpha or any other social media venue. I personally know what you'll find since I have done about as deep a dive into the Omontys-Affymax story as I did on Q, but why take my word for it...Dig deep into Affymax, Omontys, Takeda, Fresenius, Prescription related deaths, Prescription Recalls, FDA Site with all these terms as well as google. And then reach your own INFORMED conclusions...You already know mine.

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    • I'm sorry but I need to get clarification on this from the board. I am disturbed by the following quote from MaxDad from this thread (below):

      ".You have disgusting names for everything just like my 7 year old grandson (who still occasionally eats poop...."'

      What the ..?

      I am seriously concerned about MaxCad and the kid. My question for the board: Is this 'eats poop' just an expression or is MC being literal when he says the kid eats poop. That is a serious question. I have never heard the expression nor have I heard of a kid eating poop. This is entirely disturbing to my entire mental welfare and I would seriously like to get some clarification on this troubling issue. Thank you indeed.

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      • Seriously, I would like to know. Is this jut an expression that is not meaningful? Or are we literally talking about a 7 year old who eats feces? I have never heard of that ever. Is that considered 'normal' or is this something that should be considered a serious health/mental issue?

        I am hopeful that this is just an expression and how some people talk about their grandsons on YMB. If that's not the case, I'm hopeful that this is a seriously deranged kid. My biggest fear is that this is what is considered 'normal' behavior in children. I am disturbed by these possibilities. What is going on here? Thank you in advance.

    • just like QCOR basher article shook out weak hands and the stock is in stronger hands now..second basher article didn't have the same affect . shorty is desperate and running out of time and ammo

    • The obvious bash article that came out earlier this week sure sounded like a 'perfectly timed' article that was probably pre-written months ago. If the author was concerned about the safety of Omontys, wouldn't he want to issue a warning months and months ago?? Sounds more like a short that didn't want to cover as the share price got too close to $2. As you stated, nothing has changed with AFFY that wasn't know before that last article was published....except the share price going back down. The truth will win out in the end.

    • MaxSad: have you only ever invested in one stock that has goine up? What is with the QHOR obsession? OK, so you were right about one stock. Big deal. I have held several stocks with have increased 5X in the last year. Big deal. You do not read me constantly alluding to those investments as some sort of 'proof' that my views on LaffyStock are correct.

      Stop with the QHOR references. It only makes you look like you are without confidence in your Laffystock analyses to stand up on their own merrits. Thank you.

    • Maxdad's analysis has made it easier for many to get right to the source for due diligence. His credentials are very impressive and his integrity is beyond reproach. He is the real deal folks and his posted analysis on any stock is like getting a high level newsletter for free! How real? my family moves into our dream home, in the tropics, due in part to his research and my due diligence. Yesterday and today I added to my huge position in AFFY....and the wife and I are planning to buy a city brownstone when Omontys returns and to donate to Maxy's favorite charity.....yeah, that's all he asks if you have benefited from his research...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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