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  • expstktrader expstktrader Aug 29, 2013 7:19 PM Flag

    CEO and Director - Insider Sells - True Story )))))))

    When I was invested in Cheniere Energy - LNG at $3 - $5 the Chmn Charif Souki was selling about $100k in stock per month and a director was selling his free shares too. I was thinking, why would they sell if the stock so cheap if it was going to $10 or $20. Billionaire John Paulson was selling all his shares at $5.50.

    People bashed and laughed...$3.00 to $20....get real fool! Why would Paulson and the CEO sell their shares I was told. I thought well, Paulson wanted to buy Gold and also buy more RIG stock and the Chairman of LNG wanted to diversify, right?

    FWIW, LNG stock went to $30., but at $5.00 I had the hardest time getting my work published but eventually did if you go to Seeking Alpha few years ago. Now the Chmn of LNG stock sells $200k to $2MM and the stock is still high, about $28.75.

    Lesson: insiders sell for many different reasons and just because they sell some stock it doesn't mean that they are TOP ticking the price. Look at Orwin selling some Affy stock at $1.02.

    Be Good, EXPstocktrader

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    • Check out how many shares Googles Larry Page and Sergr Brin sold in 2012-13 at or below 500-600pps and then the stock went to 900pps. They didn't even need the money.

    • Avi Arad was an insider at Marvel Enterprises who sold 3,000,000 shares of MVL at $19.00/share shortly before it shot into the stratosphere. MVL was eventually acquired by DIS not too long after that transaction took place for more than $50.00/share. Avi Arad left almost $100,000,000.00 on the table by unloading his shares of MVL when he did. Whoops!

      Just because someone is an insider at a company doesn't mean that he or she is doing smart things with the common stock of the company.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Good job expstktrader calling out Alpha Exposure out on his BS. Talked to several people with long time WS experience, none of them said any company would talk to someone about non public information before disclosed in an SEC filing. The action in the stock today, after his rebuttal, shows what the street thinks of him now.

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