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  • uss_muliphen uss_muliphen Aug 31, 2013 3:03 AM Flag

    The Stock Is Definitely Worthless, Well Probably

    Well even maybe ? Where the hell do they dig these clowns up, wait a minute I don't want to insult the clowns of the world.

    Does anybody here realize the position managements of both Seeking Alpha and Motley Fool are in ?

    Think about this for about two or three minutes, actually two minutes should be plenty time enough.

    BEFORE an "article" by one of their paid by the hour (I heard $20) "writers" gets the okay to post their OPINIONS here on Yahoo, it has to be reviewed by management. So now is where you get your two minutes alloted time to start thinking about this situation.

    Management scopes their paid by the hour writers OPINIONATED article, and gets to see if gee, this should be able to move the stock one way or the other.

    Does anybody here think that they do NOT take a position in the underlying stock BEFORE they give the okay to post that "article" ?

    They are sitting in the catbird seat, wouldn't anyone of us here just love to be in that position ?

    A can't lose position ?

    I myself would work for FREE !

    This same exact type of OPINIONATED discussion goes on , on each and every single message board, the problem is, many boards within five minutes your post is long gone buried, BUT with the power to keep your message right out there day in and day for all to see each and every time you come this way is a very powerful tool. Think that does not have a lasting affect on the stock ? Well as long as it's visible out there it does. Bigger companies with multiple PRs ,stuff will get buried pretty quick just like it's on a message board, but smaller companies with scant news the garbage can be out there on top for quite awhile.

    Some of these article writers at least appear kinda sharp, (just some of them) but that BoZo that wrote the 9X's killer garbage is a clear sign that the standards to be a writer for that Seeking Alpha group is if you have a finger and you can poke something out, you'll do.

    No shirt no shoes,we don't give a rats a%%, come on down!

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    • Takeda wouldn't be running AFFY if the drug wasn't going to be FDA approved at some point! That last article contradicting the previous is #$%$.

    • uss: I have pleaded with longs to stop engaging with these idiots. Stop answering to them, period! Thanks for your writing.

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      • ernie kovak Telling people to not feed/reply to bashers is futile, it's like a cop directing traffic at a bad accident telling motorists to.....keep it movin keep it movin, some people just have to stare at the accident. They don't stop and think/realize that mostly the bashers goal is to swamp the board with piles of garbage, and they can't do it by themselves.....they need the assistance of others, and those others are those that respond to them.....even if it's a one word response, it keeps regurgitating their vomit to top. But they just can't keep from jabbing the basher with their, in most cases, one-liner zingers succeed in what they want......burying any post that is pertinent and has value.

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