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  • godwinpeak godwinpeak Aug 31, 2013 6:35 PM Flag

    AFFY has time on its side for O's return say AFFY longs. What does AFFY say?

    From it most recent 10Q:

    Even with our restructuring efforts, including the termination of substantially our entire workforce, there is no
    assurance that our reduced resources will be sufficient to meet our existing obligations and conduct ongoing
    operations. If Takeda is not able to reintroduce OMONTYS or we are not ableto obtain additional funding,
    our cash resources will rapidly be depleted and we may need to cease operations.IF TAKEDA IS UNABLE TO IDENTIFY QUICKLY THAT CAUSES OF OF THE OMONTYS SAFETY CONCERNS and commercialize
    OMONTYS successfully, or we are unable to negotiate and satisfy our obligations, or raise additional funds
    when required or on acceptable terms, we may have to:
    • discontinue operations;
    • abandon or relinquish some or all of our existing rights to OMONTYS milestones, royalties or other existing
    rights; or
    • pursue alternatives such as a sale of the Company or its assets, a corporate merger, winddown of operations

    Even if the underlying causes of the safety concerns can be identified, which is uncertain, the TIMELINES associated with the investigation and the feasibility and costs associated with implementing solutions to address the safety concerns to the satisfaction of the FDA are HIGHLY UNCERTAIN.

    Takeda's obligations to exercise DILIGENCE under the collaboration, as amended, are SUSPENDED until after approval by the FDA for reintroduction of OMONTYS without additional investigative, non-clinical or clinical activities.

    Ask yourself, is AFFY a "buy and hold" investment at these prices? Can you afford to lose much or all of your AFFY investment in the event time runs out before Takeda completes the O safety investigation, obtains a favorable result, convinces the FDA that O is safe to return to market, and then decides to remarket O?

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    • Ask yourself, "am i inherently stupid or is this a condition acquired since birth?" The answer will be in accord with your own experiences. I don't know you or your history so i can't make an informed judgment on just what is the cause. All i know is you are boringly stupid. Lots'a maybes and ifs in the boilerplate piece you copied, written and not. You should've highlighted the "ifs" and the "mays" instead of what you did highlight. It would provide an accurate picture of where the company stands now. Instead you highlighted what you wanted to in order to instill fear and not knowledge.

      Ask yourself, IF the results come out sooner rather than later, and IF the results are optimum for omontys, how much will you wind up losing on your short? Can you afford that loss? Can you afford to take a "sell and ride" position at these prices? May you lose your behind? Further ask yourself, "why am i so stupid as to repeat the same thing in the same manner over and over, and over again? Why can't i come up with something more substantial and new? Why do i like to waste my own time and the time of others? Am i some kind of psycho or am i just a plain simpleton?" You do notice they imply they are not contemplating pursuing a corporate merger at this time, nor any other dilutive, or worse, step to be pursued, don't you? You think that means there's no immediate need?

      Wy are you so worried that you have to expend the effort editing and posting such a useless piece of repetition?

    • Without a doubt...Buy and hold!!!

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