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  • godwinpeak godwinpeak Sep 1, 2013 6:07 PM Flag

    Listen to Maxdad. Pay No Attention to What AFFY Has to Say.

    What AFFY says:

    AFFY Director John P. Walker tells the world he sold ALL of the AFFY shares he owns, all 16,540 of them, for $1.92 per share, on August 28, 2013, for total sale proceeds of $31,756.80. These are all of the 16,540 AFFY shares he bought on December 20, 2011 at an average price of $6.13 per share for a total purchase price of $101,364.00

    AFFY DIRECTOR WALKER DID NOT LISTEN TO MAXDAD SO HE SOLD HIS $6 AFFY SHARES FOR $2 AND REALIZED A LOSS OF $69,607.20! The nerve of him. He did it on the latest (is it the third or fourth?) pump and dump. AFFY Director Walker cannot think on his own. He was scared by the Paid Bashers.

    You are smarter than AFFY Director Walker. You will buy and hold AFFY because Maxdad says so. You will buy and hold AFFY because ExpStocktrader has published four SA articles telling everyone how undervalued AFFY stock is. If only AFFY Director Maxdad had listened to Maxdad and held a little while longer, he could have sold his AFFY shares for a Takeda buyout of $8, $10, $12 and even $20 per share or more as Maxdad and his legion of comrades all congratulate themselves about.

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    • Maxdad and Exp. What is their agenda do you suppose? To make you rich of course. There can be no guile in Maxdad who is of the highest GS JPM WS ethics.

    • No insider holding or trading for takeda or partner shares...

      Do some dd... Look at the past of takeda insider trading. Has been in all newspapers...

      Taked policy insider trading... No insider trading or holding...

      Insider trading
      We will comply with all securities laws and regulations restricting insider trading of securities. If, in performing our duties at Takeda, we become aware of “material non-public information” concerning Takeda or any company transacting business with Takeda, we will not buy or sell securities of Takeda or that other company, either on our own account or on behalf of Takeda or any others, nor will we provide that material non-public information to others, until it is publicly disclosed in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and company procedures.
      “Material non-public information” is any non-public information that could have a material influence on investors’ decisions to sell or buy securities. Examples may include issuance of shares, repurchase of shares, mergers and acquisitions, commercialization of new products, progress or failure of clinical trials, and material changes in financial forecasts.

      Glta longs

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      • This is one of main reasons why I bought the stock when it was under $1 and told everyone to take a position. Had it not been for the change in Management, driving of all AFFY's workforce and Takeda taking over the control of this Drug, I would not have invested 1 penny in this stock.

        So long as Takeda at the helm, you are in a level playing field. Gay horn or fraudwin's knew nothing more than the street knows.

        GLTA LONGS!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • by all means, listen to GWP instead. He advised to sell at 80 cents and below because of impending bankruptcy. I do have to admit that I took your advice and played the run ups and made more profit trading in and out of this than any other stock all year. However, the I still believe that OMONTYS is a good bet to return to the market pending black box label.
      I know you preach about being 100% accurate so i will post my previous analysis following this post.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I think for each of these posts you should double down on your short position. Why not take your own advise?

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