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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 Sep 7, 2013 12:57 AM Flag

    The news could hit the stand at anytime!

    From the Frensius conf call, it is known fact that Takeda is coordinating with FDA so obviously Takeda is providing enough and more information to FDA folks to get the product to the market place.

    The FMS information is almost 6 weeks old and it is the 7th month after Recall.The stock has been hovering 1.50-1.60 range for over 2 months.

    it is really puzzling Takeda did not put out any Official PR with regard to O's status and I would expect this should come soon since FDA meetings and decisions are time bound.


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    • I am not putting a time table on this, but something tells me that, with very good news, we wake up one morning and AFFY is either double or triple.....or more. It went from 16.50 to 2.50 in February from one day to the next on the 'bad news', so no reason why the reverse couldn't happen.

    • No rush at all... AFFY and Takeda can take their time, as far as I am concerned. Meanwhile, I'm building up funds in my retirement account through biweekly automatic cash injections from my paychecks with the desire to add to my position in AFFY. I've decided that I want to get my position from 20,000 shares up to 25,000 shares, and if AFFY stays under $2.00/share, then I will be able to do that sooner rather than later. I want AFFY to keep building up that massive base in between $1.50/share and $2.00/share like it has been doing lately. It's going to make the stock's reaction to the fate of OMONTYS even more exciting if we have a huge wall of support down here at these low levels.

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    • Correctoooo. But i think its guna a few mor weeks.

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