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  • ezgi.ulusoy ezgi.ulusoy Sep 11, 2013 10:20 AM Flag

    Should We Expect Another Stinky #$%$ ARTICLE this afternoon?

    jsut asking...i am not seeing .44 which they targetted yesterday....

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    • vigilantone Sep 11, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

      To be fair.... This target you speak of is not a one day deal. This target is the price he sees coming in the future, just as some on this board believe the price will be 20+ in the near future.

      Laugh it up, but his price target is much closer to the money than 20+.

      I am long; before the wave of down thumbs arrive.

    • More likely a post/rebuttal from EXPSTKTRADER in an attempt to move the stock back up. I still think the most relevant information from the SA article (previously disclosed) was that a director sold all of his remaining shares at $1.92- which may provide an insider's take of the long term expectations.

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      • I would say that the director could also had sold his stock on the run up to 4.10, the run up and mention of Fast Money CNBC which brought it to 2.10, especially if he knew it was being delisted. If you look on Yahoo Finance none of them are holding that many shares right now. Would it make that much of a difference to someone sitting on the board if they were going to lose $32k or so, based on a holding of 16k shares? Not trying to be difficult but we are not talking about alot of money or shares here. Perhaps Takeda is being fairly tight lipped with the info at this point, so the board may not have that much of an idea either. Having been at the last shareholder meeting, run by the CFO who was canned later that same day, that is the sense I get.

      • it's a Japanise way...Noone(officers,executives or Ceo's) can keep their OWN company stock,That's basic be a fair

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