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  • kittysown2 kittysown2 Sep 13, 2013 10:15 AM Flag

    shorts said this was a "shell company"

    why isn't it trading in the cents by now?

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    • Shorts could not foresee the power of Mighty Max Short Slayer.
      Able to combat panic selling with research and logic, he alone could stave off the evil barrister geedoubleupee. GeedoubleUPee, shareholder terrorist and reader betwix the lines, lusts for power to control the mob. Renowned for his ability to regurgitate ancient history and ignore reality. Currently the naked Bull.
      To be continued...

    • AFFY is a kind of "shell" company... that's why nasdaq delisted AFFY from Nasdaq... AFFY only has one product and that is in the hands of TAKEDA... AS long as there is no outcome on OMONTYS, AFFY will stay a kind of "shell" company. But if Takeda brings OMONTYS back to the market, AFFY will have money to build up the company again. The fact is if OMONTYS comes back to the market AFFY will trade over 15 dollar in no time. The only question is can TAKEDA bring OMONTYS back to the market? I would say YES...

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      • I agree, the longer we go without BK, basing the stock between 1.50 and 2.00, the greater the eventual breakout above 2.10. The longer we go with no new news, good or bad, I believe it favors the longs. If they felt there was no hope of resolving the problems with FDA with the drug, Takeda would have thrown in the towel quite some time ago. $600 mil is a bitter loss to take but moving on would have been easier if the issues couldn't have been successfully resolved. We shall see but the stock does act differently in that it shakes off the attempts to bash it on the blogs and on the boards. Will be interesting to see how this shakes out. Stay tuned.

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