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  • godwinpeak godwinpeak Sep 19, 2013 7:33 PM Flag

    Something is up. Longs more desperate than usual.

    In case you are someone that looks to others to make an investment decision, I invite you to peruse my posts. I am a retired health care lawyer with 30+ years of professional experience. I am probably the only retail short who bothers to post at this site. FYI, I shorted AFFY at $15 plus per share just prior to the O recall and have made lots of money on my short. Yes. I closed my original short and have gone short again. I truly believe AFFY is headed to BK since O, if it is ever to return, will not do so "in the near future" as AFFY says it must in order for it to financially survive.

    My mantra has consistently been if you are able to play the MM swings in AFFY, then so be it. Remember, for the most part (at least at TD Ameritrade), retail cannot short AFFY but can only go long. Take your profits when present. It is not wise to hold AFFY overnight, since AFFY can go BK at any time or it may be announced that O's NDA has been withdrawn.

    I invite you to peruse my posts. I use only verifiable facts unlike the long posters who like to make stuff up in their desperation. After reading what I have to say and comparing to those posts I refute, just make your own decision.

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