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  • godwinpeak godwinpeak Sep 22, 2013 1:57 PM Flag

    Pumpers Modus Operandi: Pump and Sell to the Greater Fool!

    Jagan is but one example. Judas Sheep Maxdad and Exp have done a pretty good job at it too. Maybe you can too. But does one own AFFY for fundamentals or is its something else entirely. In this regard, I invite all to revisit my post headlined "Expstktrader's SA articles and AFFY share price action"

    For fun, here is a series of just some of jagan's pumps to illustrate my point:

    Jagan Post July 25, 2013 headline: I don't care about Seeking Alpha traders - However I like AFFY at any price below $5!

    Jagan Post July 30, 2013 headline: This rally is not an ordinary one! Hang on tight folks!

    Jagan Post Aug 5, 2013 headline: Waiting for a BUYOUT btw $8-$10!

    Jagan Post Aug 10, 2013 headline: Despite all the noises, I stand by my word of a Takeda Buyout!

    Jagan Post Aug 26, 2013 headline: Took my proifit, sold 50 K shares, @2.01!

    Are you an AFFY buy and hold investor waiting for the "big payout"? Or are you an AFFY speculator who plans to make money on MM price swings? Or are you short long term like me in the belief that AFFY is actually worthless?

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