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  • maxdad007prime maxdad007prime Sep 23, 2013 8:02 PM Flag

    On CNN TODAY...Tylenol (Acemenaphin) KILLS 150 people a year

    JUST IN THE US ALONE...Not my number, was the result of an extensive study. Solution with FDA was to put an additional warning on the bottle top!!! And there are people here who are certain that the 3 fatalities is enough to keep Omontys off the market...NOT A CHANCE!!!

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    • well it's 458 deaths a year... most of the time a Acetaminophen overdoses is the cause.

    • najinaji Sep 23, 2013 9:59 PM Flag

      Max.. I don't think a BUY-OUT is on the table.. If it was, it would have been concluded by now.. The ffy's assets and potential are very clear to any potential pharma buyer since day 1 and they do not need all this time for an acquisition..

      What is cheaper to Takeda's shareholders? Pay royalty or a Buy-out?..

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • "I don't think a BUY-OUT is on the table.. If it was, it would have been concluded by now."

        Doubtful, imo. If the investigation is still continuing, and i don't think anyone disputes that except maybe the gwp fool with his, as i recall, very dumb insinuations, then takeda has not yet reached the point wherein it can determine if omontys has value and, if so, what value it might have. If o has no value then takeda would not want to buy out affy. Why would it? If o has value, what value could be placed on it? Certainly more value if it can be returned to market, less value if it can't but the patents show promise for further development. So, how could takeda buy out affy if the estimated value can't yet be estimated?

        Remember, it is takeda conducting the investigation. Just imagine takeda buying out affy based on certain information they discover, then is shown to have severely underpaid affy for a drug which is returned to market. Now that one should, if it happened, tie up the courts for years.

        So, on one hand takeda doesn't yet know if the drug will be marketable, so they don't want to commit to a buyout. On the other hand if they downplay their own investigation's results so they can get affy for a song and dance, they're gonna pay through the nose off successful lawsuits.

        Conclusion: way too early for takeda to commit one way or the other, even if they'd even want to own affy in any scenario. Do they have a history of buying out smaller partners who produce successful drugs? That one i personally don't know the answer to. Anyway, your investment decisions shouldn't be predicated on some theorized hope for a never expressed maybe some day buyout.

      • With apologies to Maxdad I will not use all caps. If buyout was the preferred solution, it would have already happened by now. You will all recall that is what Maxdad had to say about the potential of an AFFY bankruptcy.

    • Interesting that people who are dying are denied an alternative treatment yet we leave something on the market that can kill anyone regardless of current situation. What does that tell you about the likelihood of a return of O? I would bet on a return. Oh...I have by being long.

    • Maxdad GS JPM pharma expert logic at its finest. Tylenol kills people, so it is just fine and dandy with the FDA that Omontys can kill CKD patients on dialysis too. Pay attention all. Judas Sheep Maxdad is gathering a new flock for AFFY shearing, skinning, gutting and butchering all the while he laughs to the bank on the pump and dump.

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