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  • ewilson3474 ewilson3474 Sep 24, 2013 10:23 PM Flag

    If Takeda didnt then why would they

    Let's get this straight he people if Takeda didn't believe in O why the he'll wouldn't that let affy die their own death. Why would they take it over and all the bs that goes with it, because they KNOW it will come back to market soon so they also revised the royalties and milestone payments even GWP knows that alone was 1000000 just to file and pay those bs lawyers that he claims he's part of I would say I'm more than willing to buy from 1.2 to 1 all day long. This doesn't get any better than this buying a 10$ plus stock for 1. We will all know by eoy only 3months. I'll keep holding the so called affy retail bag but soon this bitchc is going to be real heavy

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    • Takeda, in reality, paid next to nothing for the interest in O it did not already own. Its out of pocket outlay for all of O it did not already own after the recall was only $500K to reimburse AFFY for April transition costs incurred in connection with transferring all of O to Takeda. [From AFFY's 2012 10K: Except for certain transition services that we performed in April 2013 for full reimbursement of $0.5 million, any expenses incurred by either us or Takeda after April 1, 2013 shall be the responsibility of the respective party and neither us or Takeda has the obligation to share expenses with each other.]

      The only other consideration AFFY got from Takeda for O was the Takeda $180M milestone/royalties agreement [TRMA] contingent upon IF AND WHEN Takeda decides ever to return O to market [assuming it can also convince the FDA that O is safe]. The TRMA, at this time, of course produces no revenues and none are forecasted.

      Bottom line: Takeda has not paid all that much for O and can certainly afford to walk away.

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    • After SA stopped, totally manipulated. Every buy @ask ends with w/ 100@bid. Someone is accumulating

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      • Either that or someone is "walking it down" to cover at a better price...we hit the Bollinger Band today and at least short term the lower band appears to be turning, plus the volume every day is lower, AND short interest is coming down ...does not take much to bring this puppy up these days..but it takes some continuous and significant selling (typically the last 3 minutes of the day) to bring it down...everything points to a rally at this point...could not say when...what I do know is that once we close above 1.3 is game over for shorts.

    • I'm here with u. Totally agree

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