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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 Oct 19, 2013 4:44 PM Flag

    Look at the side effects and deaths of another form of Epogen - Procreit!

    This is just actual deaths. If you consider per GEEWEEPEE type analysis - ALL SUSPECTED DEATHS multiply this by 10- 10 X on an average. What a filthy fraudster going around posting false info on AFFY!

    What are the most common Procrit adverse events reported to the FDA?

    Aplasia Pure Red Cell
    537 (3.4%)
    Haemoglobin Decreased
    461 (2.92%)
    Therapeutic Response Decreased
    460 (2.91%)
    338 (2.14%)
    321 (2.03%)
    318 (2.01%)
    Drug Ineffective
    281 (1.78%)
    241 (1.53%)
    194 (1.23%)
    192 (1.22%)
    Oedema Peripheral
    185 (1.17%)
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    This graph shows the top adverse events submitted to the FDA for Procrit, as well as related generic and/or brandname drugs containing the same primary active ingredients, from Q1 2004 to Q3 2012. Adverse events are counted if Procrit is flagged as a suspect drug causing the adverse event. For each adverse event listed, percent (%) represents percentage of the adverse event to all adverse events reported for the drug. Percent does not represent a rate related to drug utilization.

    What are the most common Procrit adverse events reported to the FDA?

    Hematology Investigations
    1310 (8.29%)
    Anemias Nonhemolytic And Marrow Dep...
    1069 (6.76%)
    Therapeutic And Nontherapeutic Effe...
    853 (5.4%)
    Epidermal And Dermal Conditions
    533 (3.37%)
    514 (3.25%)
    Gastrointestinal Signs
    449 (2.84%)
    Infections - Pathogen Unspecified
    419 (2.65%)
    Musculoskeletal And Connective Tiss...
    391 (2.47%)
    368 (2.33%)
    Fatal Outcomes
    319 (2.02%)
    Administration Site Reactions
    312 (1.97%)
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    • Jagan labelling me a fraudster is like the pot calling the kettle black.

    • This is a favorite AFFY pumper form of misrepresentation. Jagan, and other AFFY pumpers take an ESA, such as Procrit, and publish the "PERCENTAGE OF THE ADVERSE EVENT TO ALL ADVERSE EVENTS REPORTED FOR THE DRUG." They then use those percentages against the Omontys PEARL statistics or the Omontys anaphylaxis death/adverse event percentages reported to say see Omontys isn't so bad. The problem is the the Omontys PEARL statistics and Omontys anaphylaxis death/adverse event percentages are based on the PERCENTAGE OF THE ADVERSE EVENT TO THE NUMBER OF PATIENTS TREATED WITH THE DRUG.

      I am astonished to the lengths the AFFY long pumpers go to mislead others into investing in AFFY whose shares, on a fundamental analysis, are worth very little and are probably worthless inasmuch as AFFY is facing bankruptcy as it consistently warns in its SEC filings. I am also astonished when I point out the misleading example of posts similar to jagan's post and I am villified for pointing out the misrepresentation. For another example see the post by declaes on Sept 19 entitled "Don't forget why you bought AFFY... Much worse product are at the market at this time..." and pay attention to my reply to that post. There declaes did the same kind of misrepresentation with Aranasp and Mircera that jagan now does with Procrit.

    • Good job jagan

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