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  • tsmith4659 tsmith4659 Oct 19, 2013 9:57 PM Flag

    Been away for a bit

    Came back only to wonder why I came back. Really, seriously....nothing to talk about here. No updates, no news, no nothing! Place your bets and walk away. Nothing to there? Is there? Just he says she says.....boring drivel!


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    • Well, you came back at the right time according to our sources on the message board our mascot GWP is about to be dethroned by either IRRITATEDINVESTOR or LORD AMBRO. So it only keeps getting better without maxxie boy. I tried to increase my position on Friday, but this freaking MM's did not execute my order just because I selected all or none even when it was trading below my bid, o well I'll keep trying on next week.
      Seems like it would be a while before Takeda or Affy gives us some news all this based on the Japanese customary slow approach IMHO.
      To all long on the stock do not listen to freaks mentioned above they have their own agenda and that is all they care. The only sources we want to hear are three and no one else: Takeda, FDA and AFFY that is it at this point and time everyone else is just noise.

    • too bad you'll miss Jagan's desperate pumps as pps keeps going south...please take him away before you go

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