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  • thegreycorner thegreycorner Nov 7, 2013 11:11 AM Flag

    If your Laffied and you know it ... Clap Your Hands

    Who understands what is taking place? OK - besides Orwin-san, who gets it?

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    • Just curious why are you still here or why were you here in the first place? If you had skin in the game, as a short, I could understand though I would not agree, it would make sense why you would continuously post. You would have staked out your position and make your arguments why this company is invalid in every way because you are short at least then I could respect the fact that you put your money where your mouth is. Yet you say you never entered into a position one way or another in the stock so after all this time what is your motivation? To say the least it is very odd.

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      • Good question PBjork. I am not around here too much anymore but I like to check in once a month or so to see the end-game play out. Why? I equate it to my enjoyment of Spanish soap operas. I enjoy the Spanish soap operas merely for the mindless entertainment value. There is not more than that. Here, I enjoy the circus of human emotions that is the LAFFY YMB. It is an arena in which the most interesting viewpoints are put forward, hoping to draw gold out of pure SHlT. I find that strangely interesting.

        At one time, I was deeply disturbed by the deaths that O caused and I was very hopeful that LAFFY would be seen for what it was. Those emotions have faded as I realize that nobody cares at all about the dead people, so long as they can make 5 cents off of the stock.

        I have enjoyed spoon feeding people truth and good advice just to see how they would react and how they would use that information. It has been a fascinating way to observe human nature.

      • "Just curious why are you still here or why were you here in the first place?"

        Psychological deviation from the norm. Just how many standard deviations on the minus side of the bell curve is in question, but the proof is in the pudding for the general diagnosis, isn't it. I wonder if he questions himself as to why he does what he does. I doubt he does. He wouldn't like to hear the truth.

    • If your LAFFYied and you know it..... Then your face will clearly show it!

    • No ones know this include or orwin San...just TAkeda