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  • kip20122 kip20122 Nov 11, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    AFFYvians....Are we getting ready to re-locate to Da MOOON....???

    Bags are packed...

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    • Let's hope so. Whatever happens, happens. I am in this stick at 1.60 per share, so I've taken a bearing. Definitely one oft he worst investments I've ever made. Oh well.

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      • "I am in this stick at 1.60 per share, so I've taken a bearing. Definitely one oft he worst investments I've ever made."

        Not one of the worst investments you've ever made but probably the worst way to do it. You got too greedy imo and shot your load in one big bang. On a very, very speculative investment.

        You apparently got in right around the same time i did. I bought at 1.60 myself though admittedly i sold some of that at 1.99 when it jumped. Not all, just some, but i couldn't completely pass up the % gain made in a matter of days. Bought that back at 1.60 again. Also bought some i believe in the 1.40's and definitely at 1.11 or 1.12, maybe also somewhere else in between, possibly the high 1.20's but i don't recall for sure. If it goes down further off no news i have more $$ targeted to buy, though this time not probably until the .60 cents area. And there's more where that came from if continues down from there off no news.

        The key is no news. It's no worse an investment than it was at 1.60. It's just lower priced because people got tired of waiting, or got scared, or both. The fundamentals haven't changed from the time you got in on up to now. You are down less than 70 cents a share. I don't care if that's near 1/2 of where you bought in. It's still 70 cents a share and it's a penny stock dealing in a very speculative product. Next time don't go overboard right away. These things are very volatile. Odds are you'll get an even more attractive price as time goes by. You also have to be prepared for a next to nothing return of your money, not even a return on your money. Bad news comes and pffft, your former money's near worth nothing.

      • What you talking about? If you see it deep under 85 cents load up the 18 wheeler truck, chariots, or mini van.

        Hopefully AFFY's power ball arrives on time so I can join the next one long play: ARIA. Patience is key.

      • Damn spell checker! Stock, not stick and beating, not bearing. Lol

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I think we ALL are past ready. Needless to say PATIENCE is the name of the game with O.

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