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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 Nov 11, 2013 5:18 PM Flag


    The shortie will say anything to confuse you folks and fear mongering.

    Nothing much they could do, those who are here for long, knew it all.

    No binary event, fools don't know what does the Binary mean? He is just a old fart lawyer, how can you expect him to know "BINARY".

    Takeda will do deep down analysis and eliminate the Starata of the population where Omontys cause this reaction with the available data.

    Add additional precautions and adherence to the first day administration protocol along with expert oversight.

    The Product is in the market place, what needs is more of assurance and adherence.

    Did I see still a Frensius issue? yes I do, Takeda will get the news out soon.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • japan you are on the money.....just bought more affy

    • Jagan still sees a Fresenius issue. I am still waiting for Jagan's purported Takeda buyout of "only a matter of days" he pumped last August. Read the following excerpt from an reported Omontys anaphylaxis analysis and see if you spot the Fresenius issue as does Jagan:

      "The cases were reported by different dialysis centres. One centre reported 3 SAEs, another reported 2 SAEs, and the remaining 18 SAEs were reported each by a different dialysis centre. The 5 fatal cases were reported by 5 different dialysis centres....

      Of major concern is the question whether these serious hypersensitivity reactions can be adequately managed. It should be noted that patients have all received Omontys within a well-controlled clinical environment, where adequate treatment was available (e.g. IV antihistamines, steroids and adrenaline) and presumably timely given, which however did not prevent life-threatening situations or fatal outcomes. Of note is also the very fast course of the events (for the fatal cases, patients had a cardiopulmonary arrest within 5-10 minutes of Omontys administration), which could also explain the poor outcomes despite availability of timely medical treatment."

      What a blockbuster drug, especially compared to industry standard ESAs of many years use with well established patient safety profiles. The doctors are anxious to kill their patients with O. After all, these CKD dialysis patients are very ill already.

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