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  • thesavvymonkey777 thesavvymonkey777 Nov 23, 2013 10:38 AM Flag

    I'm Selling 10K Shares Of AFFY At $5.00/Share...

    ...if The Binary Event takes it there, and then I'm holding on to the other 10K shares that I have for the longer haul beyond The Binary Event. I'm assuming that I'll even be able to do that... I suspect that Takeda is just going to outright buy out whatever shares of AFFY are left if the fate of OMONTYS is decided to be releasing it back on the marketplace, though, and that will be the end of the story here.

    We all need to keep in mind that AFFY is still worth up to $185 million depending on how OMONTYS done in the marketplace in the event of its re-release with revised labeling, per the terms and conditions set out in the revised agreement between AFFY and Takeda that was announced earlier this year in an SEC filing. Nothing has changed in that arrangement. So, why this stock is selling at $0.82/share right now is completely and totally beyond me. It's overdone, folks... No doubt about it.

    One thing is for sure... If there is an offer for shares of Takeda in exchange for AFFY shares as part of the final settlement here, then I'm going to dump my shares of AFFY before the conversion takes place. I'm not impressed with Takeda enough to want to be an investor in it. They have done a terrible job keeping the AFFY investment community informed with the sequence of events, goals, and timelines required in the story of the fate of OMONTYS. Three thumbs down, Takeda... Boo!

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    • Savvy: Takeda's way of completing the analysis and bring it to the market place might be a long drawn process. Of course having spent 8 months with the amount of resources they might have allocated to this cause, one might think it might be near to a PR.

      As each day passby we are closer to a resolution. Takeda is not walking away from the Drug, they will re-introduce the drug, anything they do in terms of a Buyout or any arrangement is after their due process and a PR in this regard.

      They will ensure to cover each and every base, so that the Drug's re-introduction and Success is assured going forward. It is also very crucial for them to expedite the process.


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      • Forgetting everything other than remembering all the research that went into this one to put it on the market, then taking two separated sentence fragments from your post and putting them together, you wind up with quite a potent argument for sticking with this one. Especially given the current price and even much higher, but especially now and even more especially if it goes lower off no news.

        "having spent 8 months...Takeda is not walking away from the Drug,..."


    • Yes, beyond. It appears you spend too much time focusing on the potential upside and the chances of that occurring than on the downside and the more realistic probabilities there.

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