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  • t0m.mirabit0 t0m.mirabit0 Jan 12, 2014 2:16 PM Flag

    New Short Interest number out. Not much change

    About 65,000 covered since last report to just under 5 million shares. I doubt if this includes Jan action.
    Its a shame there's such a lag in the reporting. Its just not one of those things the SEC finds important enough to require transparency I guess.

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    • So, this weasel is Back.

      There is nothing new, will have to wait to hear from Takeda. I expect an announcement for re-introduction soon.

      Takeda should not have withdrawn the Drug in the first place, they could have allowed those patients who had no issues, to continue administering the drug. On numerous times, it is indicated that it is JUST during the first day administration only this reaction happens. That is why it is very very positive and efficacy is proven beyond doubt with 300,000 dosages for patients.

      AMGN's drug kills more people, not just on the First day, it can kill patients at anytime.

      Go and google you will find out, how bad the Drug is.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Noquick, no problem. I figure it's as good a rationalization as any.

      T0m, i'm still wondering over that interpretation of the class 1 recall, which apparently isn't a recall at all. You have any thoughts? I know we've gone over recall before but i never knew the meaning of a class 1 recall as not being an action taking the product off the shelves. As far as i know now it's more what i don't, another what i don't know thing about omontys. I don't know that they can't put it back on the shelves with other than an fda approved rewording of the hazards.

      Of course it would be nice to eliminate the population susceptible to the hazards. However, as we've gone over and over, and over again, there are risks deemed as acceptable for the overall greater good. Those risks are sitting on the active shelves right now, and until something better comes along, will be for as far as the eye can see.

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      • I don't know enough about the recall process. I know very little about FDA regs.
        While looking into the dna testing I came across FDA action against a company making kits somehow associated with google. 23andme. Interesting reading. The logic wasn't apparent. Somehow a false positive may make someone have chemo or take other drastic actions. Who would have chemo on the basis of a dna kit purchased online? It was amazing anyone, doctor or FDA, would think that you could actually start chemo treatments without consulting an oncologist. Of course a false positive would be devastating to someone alone at home but what if the kits actually prompt true positives to seek medical 6 months or a year early than they would have without the kit.

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