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  • vivamelgar vivamelgar Jan 13, 2014 12:51 PM Flag

    Calling rivvir

    Ready for our little bet...we go up by the end of the week 30% from todays by friday 4pm we should hit 1.17 or better...not saying we hold it, but we hit it..

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    • rivvir I still have until 4pm...I said 1.17 I did not say it would hold....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I said multiples of the current price, not 30%, an you're supposed to notify me before the week commences 8 ). Just got back in and i see the price. Interesting. Maybe t0m's got it right with the options expiring. I've got several others doing quite well today as well, pgnx, ctic both up i think it was 5% to 10%, in that area. Though they've had some news lately. Another i've got, pphm, is down a touch, as is npsp, so i'm not sure options expiry accounts for all of them, or any of them. But perhaps.

        Anyway, good luck to us, and please tell me before the week with good news commences. I don't know whether to take Jagan's report of the court action as good news or not. I do think we are going to be in court defending ourselves in the future, i can't see an outright dismissal of all charges based on what i read. Imo the judge will let a jury decide the issue. Obviously though, at least my interpretation of obvious, is takeda will be facing this with us given their same non-reporting of the issues. Who knows, maybe they even ordered the non-reporting and might be found the culpable party or more culpable than us, if we are found culpable at all.

        It'll be interesting to see what comes. Hopefully omontys is back on the market before that though, because i foresee a long, drawn out legal fight, as normal for these type. At least the ones i've seen. Years worth of fighting before the end was reached.

    • "we go up by the end of the week 30% from todays lows"

      Wasn't the prediction something positive would be announced, not a mere 20 cents rise in pps? That's the bet i want to see, a significant announcement, the week that occurs, not a 20 cents price rise. I'll even take a bad announcement if that's destined to be the outcome. At least the waiting would be over.

    • If it#$%$ 1.17 i ll call you manipulator

    • based on what exactly? ... we're tanking as it is now and ur predicting big up moves?...

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