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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 Feb 4, 2014 8:20 PM Flag

    GWP & Gaycorner - Stakeholder_9999 on SGGH board!

    SGGH is reinvented FMNT (Fremont General Bank - a CA/LosAngeles based thrift) and due to subprime lending the stock once 10-20$, went to all the way to 2 cents after they filed BK to resolve certain litigation issue.

    I owned and accumulated close to 3/4 Mln shares, his constant Bashing (please go and read) on the board about its unworthiness blah blah and made many to sell out and go away.

    I posted realistic facts and what are the possible scenarios and how the value is close to a $ under worst case scenario. The stock indeed went to $1 after a course of 1 year or so.

    Of course there are risks and potential risk/reward analysis one needs to do before getting into any! However the scare tactics adapted by these morons will be overwhelming for many.

    To say, Takeda will BK and takeaway all that Property of AFFY are all simply #$%$. That is the least of the worry for Takeda right now. It is one of 1000's of agreements signed world over and they stand by the letter and spirit. Even they may not even know what is the current Share price of AFFY, that is the least of their Problem!


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    • I was long but I bailed. This looks like another TLON take under, besides no support from affy bod.. Takaeda will get omonty for dirt cheap and investor gets nothing. Omonty should been back by now if not for what i stated.

    • What a strategy! Are you suggesting to sell your AFFY now, wait until after AFFY's BK, and then buy AFFY at 2 cents a share? Think of all the shares you then could buy. But you would need to hold for another year or more, and constantly hope and pray that your 2 penny AFFY shares do not go to totally worthless. Does no government government bailout muddy your plan? How savvy an investor. All AFFY longs pay attention to Jag. He has got your back.

    • I am so sorry for your losses Jag. You did right to sell AFFY at $2. The problem was you bought back on the downside and AFFY just kept going down. You now have a decision. Lose it all, or salvage what you can before AFFY's inevitable BK.

    • Stop Jaganov.

      Stop the insanity. You are babbling lunacy. Stick to the facts. O killed people and AFFY sold all their used furniture, fired everyone and was kicked off NASDAQ. You are trying to pump to $2 so you can sell off one last time to uber-chumps. Good luck to you. Thank you.

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