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  • mail2wax mail2wax Mar 5, 2014 10:17 PM Flag

    Takeda and O

    Last fall, I thought that Takeda was probably crossing t`s and dotting i`s. At the same time, was negotiating with the FDA and FMS to bring back O. But what if T has abandoned O? We all know that they have 100`s of millions of $$$`s invested in O. However, I`m beginning to think that T is ready to give up O. I really hope they haven`t but it has to be a possibility at this point. Perhaps it just isn`t a priority with them anymore. We haven`t heard anything in nearly 6 months. Something like 1% is owned by institutions. So nobody is really putting any pressure on T to do anything. It really is just us lowly retail investors waiting around for something to happen. It`s getting pretty uinreal at this point.....

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    • O is not material to Takeda and furthermore they have no obligations to Affymax shareholders to disclose anything. I know everyone wishes it were not so however it is. Please realize that Takeda may never know what happened and be able to keep the drug away from "patients at risk". The number of events was so small that such conclusions are impossible. The only way to answer the question is with a large randomized trial.

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    • I agree. It seemed like it would be pretty easy to bring back to the market. Investigate what caused it, manufacturing issues, dialysis center issue or omontys itself. When they determine it was Omntys set up a plan to determine which patients may experience allegic reactions and exclude them from taking the drug. This should not take over a year. But if the FDA wants them to fix the issue that occured on .2% of patients then that will never get resolved. I guess Takeda is not giving up on seeing what they can come up with. Since there is a drug out there that aready works the FDA sees no reason to bring back Omontys unless the issue of allergic reactions is resolved. I know other anemia drugs cause allergic reactions, it would be nice to know the percentage of patients that have allergic reactions from the other anemia drugs. I sold all my shares today at a loss, good luck to everyone still holding.

    • You are a way too pessimistic

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      • You maybe right. The problem I have is that while we wait, T isn't being pushed by anyone to finish and disclose information. Why not just tell us openly what the status is? I'm not calling anybody a liar. I'm just saying that maybe T doesn't see the upside to O and are just sitting on it. You would think that if they had so much invested, and the market is so large, they would be anxious to get this back on the market ASAP. It just doesn't appear to be that way. JMO.....

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    • have u done any research at all?...if u email T, they still respond by saying that they are doing a thorough investigation into the root cause of the reactions... so unless you're accusing them of lying ... they have not abandoned anything...

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