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  • bbondslf25 bbondslf25 Apr 24, 2014 1:23 PM Flag

    Why do LONGS put their head in the sand when sum1 points out something negative?

    I posted the PROPTHINK article and not one person responded to counter it or give their perspective on it? I am long myself ( a gambler), but I've noticed that whenever a 'basher' posts something about Affy....even if its legit...LONGS generally just attack the person instead of actually trying to refute what he says... why is that?

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    • Thanks for the info.
      But Dan must be mistaken. We all know the ESAs remaining on the market have "proven safety" profiles because GeedoubleUPee told us so.

    • "refute what he says".

      Also, exactly what did he say that needs refuting? Most of the article was just a rehash of events leading up to this point. Yawn. And then he mentioned the issue with the patents not being defended which can easily be explained by the fact that NOBODY would waste money on the patents if the drugs status is still in limbo. If as he suggests the lack of patent defense means Takeda has given up on the drug then where is their announcement saying so? Coming to a decision that a billion dollar drug (that had been approved) has been PERMANENTLY and IRREVOCABLY lost is called a MATERIAL EVENT to investors is it not? And "material events" have to be disclosed as per SEC regs do they not? Me thinkest so. So that indicates to me they have not abandoned reinstatement.

    • I read that article and it was nothing more than a worthless rehash of what we already knew on this board. Post something that advances the story (either good or bad) and THEN judge if heads are in the sand.

    • Once in a while you actually post "information". The vast majority of the time you are just b_tching and moaning about every nickle move down in the stock and you do it all the time. Those worthless posts deserve the response they get.