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  • For one think now is the best time to say congratulations to the greycorner and godwinpeek well played. You for one exposed the bs from affy and most of all the fuggin idiot maxdad. I was long and went on pure gamble something I was comfortable doing. Grey or Godwin at this point could buy affy . Nice call guys . I don't pump bashers but these guys were spot on to bad I pegged um as greedy and not knowledgeable. Good luck

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    • Spot on?
      Is there new news. Has Omontys been proven to be the killer these guys have made it out to be.
      Have there been no deaths among CKD patients on Dialysis since the Omontys recall?
      Where are the 8000 lbs gorilla awards the snake promised. Hundreds of millions in awards.
      Nothing more than an insurance covered settlement. Spot on?

      What did happen was these two along with other legal thieves sold what they didn't own then nonstop bashed the drug that has yet to be proven to have caused all these deaths at the dialysis centers.
      Their efforts here have little if any affect on Orwin the BOD Takeda or FMCNA.
      How can you be sure they don't in fact work for the above.

      The only ones hurt as a result of their actions has been shareholders.
      Their goal in life is to cripple companies to the point they cannot recover.
      If congress had the morality to do what's right for investors and the capitol markets, that is to ban short selling, shorts would actually have to get real jobs.

      You pegged them right as greedy. As for knowledgeable, there's no law restricting that to those who do good deeds.

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      • Either way good or bad I cannot be that judge. " description of the two individuals I named " they made the right call on affy since I joined this board back at 1.50 in PPS. If myself or others would have given their comments a chance we could of saved some cash. Its human to ignore negative remarks on something you feel so positive about. I for one think this is pure bs for all the longs including myself. I still feel theirs a chance o continues its just that stock holders of yesterday will not be the ones rewarded. Those that buy at .10 and average down if needed are the winners. If their are going to be winners at all

    • * Respect * ewilson for that post. Much appreciated.

      I understand how many/most posters did not have reason to believe my posts. There are many liars on this board about their motives (such as Bbonds). It is understandable. Still, those that called me a 'liar' - even after months of honest posts about the facts - did a disservice to those on the board who could be influenced.

      I honestly never did take a short position for the reasons I have previously stated (namely, I have seen so much crazy stuff in the stock market that short positions are too scary for me). I am considering buying at 5 cents - but as I said, that is pure speculation, expecting to lose it all -- but maybe Orwin-san has sneaky moves that have not yet been made.

      Anyway, thanks for the posts. I wish I were as right with the other stock I watch! If there is some 'fanatic' on the other boards who seems to be telling the truth, I will personally consider his/her point of view. Good luck to all - including myself.

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