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  • longfellowsss longfellowsss Jun 29, 2014 6:47 PM Flag

    10cents a share and liquidating?

    Is this were the thieves cover at 10 cents and go long the same shares they've been bashing for fifteen months. Anybody in congress or at the SEC see the opportunities for manipulation shorting presents yet?
    No excuse for this. $2 million to secure the vote to liquidate and get the money back.
    Let's see how fast they get this to a vote. Tomorrow maybe.

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    • If we're actually liquidating the company shouldn't the date for the shareholders meeting be already set? I'm not looking forward to that event, however it just occurred to me that we don't have a date and I was wondering/hoping if there is may be something else going on.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Actually it is the pumping that held this stock up way beyond what it was worth ever since the drug was suspended. It was the drug that failed and not the shorts who killed the drug. Shorts don't kill a good company with a good product. Typically, many companies cause the short attacks by engaging in financing techniques which use convertible debt (called PIPEs) because they are weak and cannot get funding elsewhere. It is the buyers of that kind of debt who then short the heck out of the stock as the lower the price goes, the more shares they get on their converstion OR to lock in a profit by selling at higher prices than the ultimate conversion.

      In any event your rant about shorts is naive and directed incorrectly.

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      • I like the statement of the obvious. But even that is flawed.
        "Shorts don't kill a good company..." should read "Shorts can't kill a good company"
        These thieves aren't stupid. I've read the pros on why shorting's a legitimate trading strategy.
        It's written by thieves, the guys who have no problem using the word borrow like congress uses the word lobby, word twisting vermin enabled by beauty pageant queens. Both take what they’re not entitled to.
        They say they expose fraud. Of course, as soon as they start talking everyone’s exposed to fraud.
        At what price did you borrow your buddy's stock.

        It's pumping in the eyes of shorts to ask was there human error at Fresenius.
        Shorts know the lowest paid folks in healthcare are the most intelligent and dedicated people in the workforce.
        One day, while they're lying in their own feces in a nursing home, they may just change that belief.
        It's pumping to say Fresenius recommended continued use in their Feb.14th letter.
        Shorts know by reading between the lines the drug is doomed.
        Shorts understood Fresenius expanded the use just a month earlier to fool Affy investors, not because Fresenius believed it was working as well as other ESAs.
        It's pumping to ask whether Takeda's investigation wasn't self serving especially in light of their behavior with Actos.

    • criminal is but an understatement on what is going here. And the SEC...well, I have seen things happening in 15 years but I have never seen any SEC. The SEC is a joke. Its no priority to them

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