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  • longfellowsss longfellowsss Jul 1, 2014 11:58 AM Flag

    Any questions for Affy

    I want to know if TBG knows of any business type that would allow time without much expense to find a buyer.
    Sc rew the BOD trying to put this behind them at our expense. I've already submitted a couple questions to th e SEC and I'm still waiting to get a response from Etrade.

    Can Affymax be reconfigured to extend the life till the patents can be sold?
    How much was it going to cost to keep the NDA alive?
    Can the drug be altered maybe leaving out the pegylation process.

    What I'd also like to ask but doubt if they'll put up with more than one or two questions is:
    Did Affymax ever receive the Feb 22 2013 report from Fresenius? If so, why wasn't it reported to the SEC?
    Were the dialysis centers investigated along with the patients?
    Were there delays while awaiting dialysis after Omontys administration.
    Did anyone go to lunch after administering Omontys only to return to a dead patient unable to complete their dialysis session.
    Can we get a report from the FDA.
    And as I have been asking all this time how many CKD patients on dialysis have died since Omontys recall.

    What was the opinion of the Affymax trainer on hand of the staff at the Fresenius centers where these deaths occurred.
    We've been robbed.

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