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  • longfellowsss longfellowsss Jul 7, 2014 1:46 PM Flag

    Shorts enjoy a victory in the here and now but it need not continue

    Could it be, maybe, that shorting, is just thief? Like lobbying is just bribery.
    And insider trading rules don't apply to the elite.
    That legislative votes can be bought for the right price by those of the right class.
    The moral fiber of those in congress allows them and shorts to "Borrow" things of value with a "Promise" to return them when, with the right amount of manipulation, that which they have borrowed has become worthless.

    I doubt if there's any way to reach someone who has rationalized his antisocial behavior
    for so long and to such a degree that admitting the destructive nature of his actions
    would reveal to himself his worthlessness.

    And yes, I did, I do and I will continue to conspire to defend investor's rights with those who
    want to keep their way of life safe from the enemies at home.
    The reasons to outlaw short selling far outweigh any perceived benefit it might have.

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    • Congress had nothing to do with Affymax's failure.

      • 2 Replies to loufah2
      • I don't know how is it possible for any pharma to file an NDA and then go for approval, encounter some issues and then without doing further investigation of the root cause, just saying, "I;m withdrawing the Drug?"

      • Of course they do. And its not just affy but any company that has a misstep.
        Only a silly person would believe congress is not responsible for short trading.
        Those in position to do something about the situation but don't can be compared to a dirty cop.

        The good citizens of the world need two good cops to ensure peace and order.
        What happens when one or both are not what they represented themselves to be when the took the job. At best one bad cop does nothing and the world lacks the minimum protections required Or a worse case might have the bad cop impeding the good cop leaving the world vulnerable to the mal feces (bad guys). The worst case of course would be 700 elected representatives ignoring their constituents to enrich themselves as the markets run amuck. End of sermon.

    • Nobody cares.........The only thing that matters is whether or not AFFY can sell any assets that will add to the value for shareholders in the here and now. 99% chance they won't but we can dream.

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