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  • hollandisback68 hollandisback68 Aug 20, 2014 11:18 AM Flag

    Blockbuster gold

    2 years later...1052 shares volume at $0.1062....the stockmarket is nothing but FRAUD. Its a crime against humanity

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    • Its a reflection of the immorality in DC. The people who changed the act of bribery to something called lobbying and made money hard and soft so as to claim they reformed campaign contributions. How could they see the wrong in selling what they don't own. They'll react when short sellers team up with derivatives and high speed computer trading programs bankrupt the pension funds and leave every small INVESTOR's retirement account worthless but of course like the mortgage scandals nothing will come of their investigations. Anyone with half a brain can see the government allowed bank managements, with the help of fraudulent S&P ratings, steal the wealth of nations and this government has done nothing to the culprits but rapes the innocent banking shareholders by fining them. Shareholders or sheep, in the end we'll be sheared.
      Imagine where we'd be if our military operated like our politicians. What language would we all be speaking today?

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