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  • e_esoteric e_esoteric Apr 15, 2012 10:59 PM Flag

    1Q Earnings...

    Well I had a bad experience with holding through a earnings report on another stock and the reaction was really not in line with the report, and it sort of just taught me the lesson to avoid having any exposure to that and to wait for the day traders to settle before I go back in. Sometimes I can get a bargain this way I found also.

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    • Wow, a one cent miss (how it should be translated) causes a 7+% drop.
      I logged into my accounts and MAT was gone. My stop loss hit?

      What the hell...

      Oh well. Profit made, but still, I've never seen MAT hit like this.

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      • Think reaction today was a bit overblown, but now I will sit back and see what happens in the next few days. Still sitting above my cost, and still up nice for the year. If it starts slowly recovering, may add to my position.

        Never seen this stock move like this on a penny miss, but the economy is rough, and doesn't look good going forward.

        Might be a good time to add at intervals, especially if there are any DRiP investors out there. Yields now pumped up to 4%, so, one could do ok to sit add, and wait. Or, one could do OK just buying, collecting the dividend in cash, and deploying it elsewhere. Currently only thing that would lead me to sell and stop my DRiP, would be a decrease in, or elimination of dividend. Not too worried about that currently.

        Dont think it will be too hard to recoup at least $1.00, maybe a buck and a half. If that happens, someone who buys now and holds to dividend could get the 1% quarterly dividend yield, plus maybe a 3.2% - 4.8% price appreciation. And you would only have to hold on less than 2 months, and re-evaluate.

        Hard to say what impact the HIT purchase will add, management sees minimal this year.

        Disclaimer, I do DRiP MAT, but also tend to sell into nice rises, and buy back on pullbacks like we had today.

    • Well, whisper numbers are between 1 and 5 cents above expectations. 5 is awfully high though, I am looking to beat by a penny or two. Therefore, stock price should get a bump.

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