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  • flankenking flankenking Feb 28, 2013 5:07 PM Flag

    About 36 million Monthly Unique Visitors on the Flagship-site and the Network of Local Corp

    Now 26,410,927 Monthly Unique Visitors on the flagship-site of Local Corp - an yearly increase of 40,89% and an additonal increase against the strong last month of 16,15%. And you must add to this more than 26 million Monthly Unique Visitors about additional 10 million Monthly Unique Visitors on the Network of Local Corp.

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    • Local Corp has US-Rank 42 by Unique Visitors with 26,410,977 Monthly Unique Visitors alone on the flagship-site. There exist no company from rank 1 - 100 with a market-cap of lower than 100 million without Local Corp with the idiotic low manipulated market-cap of 37 million. But there additional about 10 million Monthly Unique Visitors from the network, which were counting by more than 1,200 regional sites of the network of Local Corp.

    • New Strategy working excellent:

      New strategy reduce the growth of revenues, but increase the net income strong

      "During the fourth quarter, the company undertook a strategic review of operations and for 2013 intends to focus on expanding margins in O&O, the company’s largest business by revenue, and on growing the Network business, which is the company’s most profitable business. Due to the significant financial commitment required to successfully scale a direct sales model, the company intends to instead focus on channel sales development for its ‘Launch by Local’ SMB solution, which the company expects to provide annual cost savings of approximately $4.6 million, starting immediately."

      Grow Strategy (part of CORPORATE OVERVIEW | 1Q2013 - filed to SEC two weeks ago)

      • Grow margins in O&O business (largest revenue stream)
      » Margin optimization via new SEM tools
      » Gradually ramping in the UK

      • Grow revenues in Network (most profitable revenue stream)
      » Expand number of sites via business development team (more traffic)
      » New products planned… product directory, „Launch by Local‟ SMB private label, publisher
      » Leverage platform to produce new local/commercial content to grow traffic/site

      • Reduce costs
      » Channel sales vs. direct sales – projected 2013 cost savings of $4.6MM, beginning January 2013

      • Developing opportunities
      » Local display network – leveraging our existing Network
      » Microsites (insurance, HVAC, alarm systems and more) – leveraging out platform
      » Improved monetization via lead generation – monetization improvements
      » Mobile – leveraging our platform

    • Year-over-Year-Growth Added:

      Local Corp = 26,410,927 Monthly Unique Visitors, year-over-year-growth = 40.89%

      Yelp = 22,293,301 Monthly Unique Visitors, year-over-year-growth = 14.35%

      Angies List = 3,454,644 Monthly Unique Visitors, year-over-year-growth = 73.03%

      Zillow = 14,289,071 Monthly Unique Visitors, year-over-year-growth = 48,91%

      Tripadvisor = 17,486,397 Monthly Unique Visitors, year-over-year-growth = 1.10%

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