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  • flankenking flankenking Jun 27, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

    The revenues in Q2/2013 will increase to about 24 million from 21.755 million in Q1/2013

    Monthly Unique Visitors will increase after my estimate to about 120 million in Q2/2013 - an increase of more than 10% against the106 million in Q1/2013. The math is very simple, because we know the monthly unique visitors of two from three months of Q2/2013:

    04/2013: 23,785,928 Monthly Unique Visitors

    05/2013: 27,804,187 Monthly Unique Visitors

    If we now take the averarge of this two months in June

    06/2013: 25,800,000 Monthly Unique Vistors (very conserative estimate)

    That are together 77.4 million Monthly Unique Visitors from the Flagship-Site of Local Corp in Q2/2013.

    In Q1/2013 had Local Corp reported about more than 12 million every month - and Local Corp has expanded the network strong in last time and my estimate for Q2/2013 is 13 million from the network ervery month = 39 million from the network in Q2/2013 (very conserative estimate).

    If we now add the 77.4 million from the flagshipsite and the 39 million from the network = 116.4 million Monthly Unique Visitors of Local Corp in Q2/2013 by a very conserative estimate. We will a reach about 120 million by a more optimistic view (for example by an estimate of the same Monthly Unique Visitors on the flagshipsite in June like in May).

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    • Small correction: Increase will be to about 23.5 - 24 million from 21.755 million in Q1/2013.

    • Revenue-Driver Network: "We believe that 2013 will be a record year for our network business."

      In Q4/2012 Local Corp increased the network (biggest jump ever in a quarter) from 1,000 to now 1,200 regional media sites.

      The most well-known in the Network of Local Corp:

      The Gazette

      The Record Searchlight

      The State Journal-Register

      The Telegraph

      Treasure Coast


      Valley News

      Ventura County Star

      Vermont Today

      Washington Post

      Journal Star

      Knoxville News Sentinel

      LaCrosse Tribune

      NC Times


      Norwich Bulletin


      Orange County Register

      Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

      San Diego Union Tribune

      Santa Ynez Valley News

      Savannah Morning News

      St. Louis Post-Dispatch

      Star Banner

      The Arizona Republic

      The Augusta Chronicle

      The Commercial Appeal

      The Dispatch

      The Examiner

      The Florida Times Union

      Arizona Daily Star

      Arkansas News

      Boston Herald

      Columbia Daily Herald

      Cumberland Times News

      Daily Herald - Utah

      Daily Princetonian

      Daily Tarheel

      East Valley Tribune

      Honolulu Star Advertiser

    • Some of those tools have already have been rolled out and more are on the way.

      While we expanded O&O gross margin ahead of schedule, our goal is to expand those margins even further this year by developing new search engine marketing tools to more efficiently and dynamically respond to the changes that occur across our campaign each day. Some of those tools have already have been rolled out and more are on the way."

      Source: Transcript of last Conference Call (Read the complete text on Seeking Alpha)

    • This launch (better integration of Krillion in existing products) will increase the revenues in Q2/2013, too.

      "....... we launched the product in the last quarter to the hosted shopping directory."

      Source: Transcript of Conference Call (Read the complete text on Seeking Alpha)

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      • Krillion adds efficiency to marketing and selling processes across the entire consumer goods value chain by providing up-to-date pricing and real-time, in-store availability.
        Our elegant and flexible commerce and media solutions are powered by a comprehensive, location-aware product database:
        • Consisting of 100 million unique data elements, many of which change daily
        • Covering 200 top commerce categories
        • Representing 1,200 brands across 40,000 storefronts

    • Click Through-Rate of Local Corp : Up to 8x more than Industry Standard

    • That are only 0.4-times-reveneus. Competitors has in the average about 10-times-reveneus - the 25-fold valuation.

    • First smal shares were contribute from Fusion by Local - launched about three month ago:

      Local Corporation Launches “Fusion by Local” Premium Ad Network to Serve $3.4 Billion Local Display Ad Market
      Gives Advertisers Reach Into Local Markets; Publishers Access to Top Brands and Additional Ad Revenue

      Press Release: Local Corporation – Tue, Mar 26, 2013 7:30 AM

      Local Corporation (LOCM), a leading online local media company, today announced the launch of “Fusion by Local,” a new premium ad network for advertisers and brand marketers seeking to engage with targeted local audiences in markets across the U.S.

      Fusion by Local gives advertisers the ability to reach targeted customers in local markets through premium display advertising inventory across some of the top media properties in the country, including sites in the company’s established network of over 1,200 regional media sites. The premium network also provides regional media publishers with access to national advertisers and brands to drive incremental advertising revenue through their media properties.

      With local display advertising on the rise and expected to grow 18.2 percent this year to $3.4 billion, advertisers are seeking ways to more effectively engage their target audiences quickly and efficiently on a local level. National and regional brands that are looking to advertise locally are increasingly seeking premium ad positioning for their campaigns near relevant content, with high quality publishers and media sites.

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      • flankenking Jun 27, 2013 12:32 PM Flag

        Local Corp stock same as when Fusion by Local launched, huge success for Local Corp.

      • Fusion by Local offers both, by combining its unique, precision-based targeting for audiences with premium advertising inventory that takes the manual process out of local buying. It also eliminates the time and resource-intensive process for advertisers of contacting publishers, negotiating multiple contracts, submitting insertion orders and tracking performance metrics for each media property. Fusion by Local offers a variety of standard and customized ad units across various ad formats, including mobile and rich media, through a single integrated process with one point of contact.

        “Implementing local campaigns is a labor-intensive process that involves manually engaging with hundreds of media sites across the U.S.,” said Lori Chavez, vice president of marketing, Local Corporation. “Fusion by Local removes this burden from advertisers by allowing them to leverage our existing relationships with these valuable regional media publishers so they can focus their time on campaign strategy not campaign implementation. Fusion by Local further expands our local ecosystem and directly supports our mission of connecting local consumers with businesses of all sizes online.”

        Fusion by Local helps advertisers and brand marketers engage with local customers directly across various industries and specific vertical categories.

    • flankenking Jun 27, 2013 11:53 AM Flag

      The math is very simple, because we know flankenking paid on average $3 per share for Local Corp (very conserative estimate). Multiplied by 78,300 shares flankenking owns = $234,900.

      Compare to my estimates of Local Corp fair value of $0.50 (very conserative estimate) = $195,750 of flankenkings moneys that has misappeared.

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