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  • flankenking flankenking Oct 6, 2013 7:48 AM Flag

    Second Phase of the Shortsquezze in Steps will start next week, I am sure

    because a warning doesn't exist - and the guidance for the second half of 2013 was excellent.

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    • Therefore my advice once more again: Buy before the lot of small amd manipulated naked shortsellers must cover and ignore the criminal crime behind The Street Sweeper.

    • Next posting is from a falsification of the ID Flankenking through the criminal crime behind The Street Sweeper, who are coverig and building positions, but manipullating small-naked shortsellers-Idiots with lies and falsifications to sell and increase their high reisky naked shortselling-positions.

    • flankenking Oct 11, 2013 4:06 PM Flag

      big jump in stock of $0.04, shortsquezze happening just like flankenking predicted

    • Tomorrow after the extension of the relationsships with Google for additional two years.

    • flankenking Oct 7, 2013 9:39 AM Flag

      flankenking right, squezze is starting, that why share price going down

    • Therefore my advice: Buy before the lot of naked shortsellers must cover and ignore the criminal crime behind The Street Sweeper.

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      • It appears operations of the criminal crime are financed by profits generated from taking short positions in the stock of companies it profiles. As a result, the profiles it generates are neither balanced nor unbiased. The website disclosed it has held various short positions in companies stock since it first published a piece on the companies.

        Source: Motley Fool

      • "The Streetsweeper-website is run by an individual named Hunter Adams, a felon previously convicted of conspiracy to commit securities fraud, money laundering and racketeering stemming from his participation in "pump-and-dump" stock schemes and his ties to the Gambino organized crime family."

        Source: Motley Fool

      • Background on Melissa Davis, partner of Hunter Adams, may be helpful, too.

        I read the article “Melissa Davis of Streetsweeper in Bed with Short Sellers and Convicted Felons”

        The fact that TheStreetSweeper was in cahoots with a hedge fund shorting the stock Davis attacked should speak volumes to investors about the integrity of her reporting and TheStreetSweeper’s real purpose. Davis is a paid hack, not an objective journalist.

        Convicted Racketeer Sits on TheStreetSweeper’s Advisory Board

        Among other journalistic tactics, Ms. Davis is fond of implying current malfeasance by dredging up prior executive sins, as in a June 2010 exposé titled “Ecosphere: A Clean Energy Company with a Dirty CEO?” in which she trumpeted drug convictions that the CEO of Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. incurred more than 20 years ago. Such actions are hypocritical when you consider that a key member of TheStreetSweeper’s “clean up crew” was convicted less than a decade ago of racketeering as well as conspiracy to commit securities fraud and money laundering. Apparently rehabilitation is something that only members of the StreetSweeper team can achieve.

        TheStreetSweeper does not have much of a following, as its ratings are so low it does not even register as a followed site on Quantcast and ranks poorly at Alexa. Nevertheless, everyone loves a good scandal, and such muckraking journalism carries the potential to drive down a company’s stock price–and has successfully done so in the past. Such slanted journalism must therefore be exposed.

        Unreliable Reporting, Not to be Trusted

        We at RedChip applaud the efforts of those who legitimately attempt to uncover stock scams and report them in an objective manner. As for Ms. Davis, her work is couched in innuendo, inflammatory language, misdirection, and logical fallacies. Her heavy reliance upon verbal gymnastics and sensationalism calls her motives into question. In our view, this is one “journalist” whose work just can’t be relied upon.

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