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  • prettyfunny prettyfunny Nov 29, 2013 11:30 PM Flag

    hAhAHaHA- LOCM going Bye-Bye... . Local Corp going BANKRUPT

    LOCM will enter de-listing status soon. NASDAQ will drop this piece of #$%$ soon! Good. The fruits of this fraudulent management teams labors are finally being realized. Don't get sucked down with these losers. Sell out now or go to hell with this company. hAhAHaHA

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    • In Q4/2013 the Adjusted EBITDA will be 1.8 million

      First Quarter 2013: 0.2 million (reported)

      Second Quarter 2013: 1.2 million (reported)

      Third Quarter 2013: 1.3 million (reported)

      Fourth Quarter 2013: 1.8 million (result of guidance for 2013 of 4.5 million and subtraktion of EBITDA's of Q1 - Q3)

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      • Nobody cares about this company or its numbers- all you need to know is this company never reports a profit, the management is on the take, and shareholders are always the ones left holding the bag of poop. This is a fraud company. Bankruptcy and delisting are what is in store for Local corporation. That's why the stock price is falling and will continue to fall. Idiot posters like "fankenguru" work for LOCM and try a last ditch effort to suck in dumb money to keep. hAhAHahA. Funny when this company finally fails for good and the management goes to jail.

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    • Network Revenues of Local Corp (GAAP, in million) - Strong Growth

      Q2/12 $4.1
      Q3/12 $5.0
      Q4/12 $7.6
      Q1/13 $8.3
      Q2/13 $11.6
      Q3/13 $14.5
      Q4/12: 7.6 million from network of all 22.374 million revenues = 34.0%

      Q1/13: 8.3 million from network of all 21.755 million revenues = 38.2%

      Q2/13: 11.6 million from network of all 22.365 million revenues = 51.9%

      Q3/13: 14.5 million from network of all 23.471 million revenues = 61.8%

      "Local Corp needed some years to reach the number of 1,200 in his his network. But after the integration of Krillion Localc Corp coudl increase the mermbership in lonyl six month from this 1,200 to 2,100: "Then we’ve got our own publisher network 2100 other sites where we think, not only we have the relationship, we are well positioned to be able to kind of roll that content out and switch it on for those sites throughout 2014. So, it took us – I am going to say seven years to build that publisher base that publisher network that we have and so that’s a huge asset as it relates to shopping data, real-time shopping data that’s low hanging fruit for us."

      The 14.5 million of Q3/13 are 58 million on yearly base. What's the value of this high profitable unit with such an big growth?

      Growth of the revenues of the network-division of Local Corp (now 61% of all revenues of Local Corp) beats the growth-rates of the revenues of Twitter and Yelp and lot of other companies with more than 10-fold valuations of revenues.

      Source for the numbers in this thread: Go to Investor Relations of Local Corp and click at the last (at this time) filing of Local Corp to the SEC.

      Filing Date



      Filing Group




      Report of unscheduled material events or corporate event

      Current Reports

    • Network Rev (GAAP, in million) – Traffic Aquisitions Cost (TAC) = Network Reveneus ex TAC

      Q2/12 $4.1 – 2.0 = 2.1
      Q3/12 $5.0 – 2.1 = 2.9
      Q4/12 $7.6 – 3.7 = 3.9
      Q1/13 $8.3 – 4.2 = 4.1
      Q2/13 $11.6 – 6.8 = 4.8
      Q3/13 $14.5 – 7.7 = 6.8

      The percentages of the Network Revenues ex Tac from the Network revenues = 6,8 million from 14.5 million revenues = 46,9%.

      The percentages of the Qwned & Operated Revenues ex Tac from the Owned & Operated revenues = 0.5 million (7.3 million - 6.8 millon) from 9 million (23.5 - 14.5 million) = 5.6%.

      Because there exist a big divergence between the percentages, the increasee of the network-revenues to now 61% in Q3/2013 was very important, but wasn't anitcipated in the share-price. The percentages of the Network Revenues ex Tac from the Network revenues are a lot higher than the percentages of the Qwned & Operated Revenues ex Tac from the Owned & Operated revenues. If you divide 46.9% through 5.6% = 8.375-fold.

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