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  • prettyfunny prettyfunny Nov 30, 2013 1:43 PM Flag

    AAll you need to know about Local Ciorporation scam

    This company has bno confidence in itself, as it never purchases its own stock. The management is in all likelihood short their own stock as they, above all, know exactly the direction of the stock price- down. The management, however, love to issue themselves big free stock bonuses to themselves, where they sell out as soon as legally possible. The management of this company is hated by the industry and the market, as they are on the take and have no intentions of ever adding shareholder value to their fraudulent company. They never turn a profit, at least not enough ever to return anything to their investors or stockholders. They know their company is on its last leg and that it will fail. They will take all they can on the way down. NASDAQ will delist them as soon as possible. Bankruptcy coming in the near future. They cannot refinance their debvt, not can they do another stock offering because eithewr of those options will lead to sub-$1 stock price levels and complete failure. They blew it, and will disguise it any way they can, at the shareholders expense. Are you sure you want to invest in this company?? The best advice is to sell out and do not go down with this sinking ship. Do not listen to pumper posters like Fankenguru, also known as Flankenking, because they are a shill for the fraudulenty management team. Good luck to you, as there is none to be had here with the deck stacked against you as an LOCM investor. You cannot win against a fraudulent management team and scam of a company that is failing and falling fast. hAhAHahA

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