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  • letitgrowknows Jan 23, 2014 4:07 AM Flag

    Local Corporation failed. They missed their chance long ago. Stock price to plummet

    even more as this management will do all it can to pay themselves very well at the total expense of shareholders. They have no choice now but to continue shady accounting and dilutive prctices which do nothing to help shareholders. The pumpers on this message board work for the management and also for the institutional investors who are under water in their LOCM investments. This is the same old sad story that has caused this company to be in the failed position it is in. An unscrupulous management that will do whatever it takes to keep themselves rich while have no regard whatsoever for adding shareholder value. In fact, the bad choices in personnel and the bad business decisions have all equalled a share price that continues to plummet. A new CEO will be left with no choice but to dilute and bail themselves out using more bad business tactics including a rollback that will kill the shareholders once and for all. Expect much more pain for longs. The transition of Heath is opening a can of worms into their accounting and certain inquiring agencies are curious now.. Anyhow, some companies make it, others don't. Local Corporation didn't make it. They lost their chance to get in the top tier, thanks to a very greedy inept management who failed to integrate their technologies well enough. They have been taken over by the monsters of the industry incuding yelp yahoo, google, go down the list. Every other company is doing fine except this one. LOCM is now official junk status with more demise on the way. The entire mamangement needs to go, not just Heath. A new ceo will be forced to do a rollback stripping large amounts of share value further away from investors, The market knows this stock pretty well, so do I. It is where it is for a very valid reason. Nobody wanbts a company or its stock who engage in such shady underhanded practices as this one does. Expect more pain and misery. Do your research, it's all bad and it's all true. Avoid faIled companies that wont change

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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