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  • fankenguru fankenguru Jan 29, 2014 6:44 AM Flag

    Partner with us to bring more to your website with smart monetization solutions for online publishers

    "Every new blog post is a new indexed page for your site, a new page on which to target a geographic search phrase, and a new opportunity to get found in the search engine results pages (SERPs). If you're having trouble coming up with geo-targeted content, consider highlighting customer success stories and case studies."
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    Local Corp helps publishers increase traffic and revenue with quality local content

    We help online publishers of all sizes tap into the growing number of local searches, attract more visitors and build new revenue streams by providing an industry leading, turnkey content and paid search solution.

    As a publisher partner, you get access to a complete hosted and monetized local content solution for shopping or business that is compatible across any web or mobile device. Or, you can simply integrate our high-performing paid search ad solution, and get access to more than 250,000 advertisers who want to reach consumers in the markets you serve.

    1,600 + partner sites

    Get Found Everywhere: Appear in more local searches and increase relevant traffic with rich locally targeted shopping and business content.
    Maximize Monetization: Build a new revenue stream with monetized content and paid search solution while supporting local business relationships.
    Turnkey Revenue Solution: Integrate a fully hosted and constantly optimized digital revenue solution without any of the capital investment typically required.

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    • Shopping Content

      Enhance your site’s content while generating more traffic and increasing monetization with our dynamic local shopping content solution. We provide a wide variety of products available in all kinds of stores. Our content solution is flexible enough to meet stringent standards of national search engines, web-endemic publishers and regional news publishers.

      Accurate real-time results
      Robust product data points and images
      Data filtering for simple search
      Local store location, hours, pricing, discounts and availability
      Enterprise-level application
      Patented location-based search technology

      Provide information shoppers want
      Consumers use search engines from their desktop and smart phones as their first step when looking for specific products, stores and brands in their area. By adding accurate and relevant local shopping content, your site will rank higher on major search engines, resulting in audience gains through improved SEO performance and bring a new revenue stream through a revenue share on traffic generated.

      Comprehensive shopping experience
      Powered by our Krillion ® localization engine, our powerful shopping content solution aggregates price, store location, descriptions, inventory information and other product data across leading consumer brands to create a rich index of products for consumers to search. The shopping content is seamlessly integrated into your site – so no development resources are needed, and it is fully hosted and supported by a dedicated account management team.

      Over 2.1 billion retail inventory products
      Over 85,000 national and regional retailer stores
      Over 23,000 leading consumer brands
      ….. and growing!

    • Business Content

      Increase audience gains and generate an immediate revenue stream from your digital properties by adding monetized local business content. Highly relevant local business content improves SEO performance by giving your site better ranking on the major search engines resulting in growth in the organic traffic to your site. And, with no capital outlay or resources required, there is no risk to you.

      We deliver a local audience
      4.62 minutes average time spent on site
      14 million users per month
      28 million page views per month

      We do all the work
      Our account management team will manage all aspects of integration of the hosted business content to your digital properties. This dedicated team will provide monthly revenue reporting and manage the optimization of your site. We work closely with our partners to customize solutions for their specific needs.

      We deliver consistency
      Through our online experts and proprietary technology, we are able to proactively address any changes in search algorithm and deliver consistent and upward traffic growth. We work closely with our partners to deliver revenue and results.

      We deliver experience
      Our success is evident in our long-lasting relationships. We have powered business content for newspaper, broadcast radio and television media companies for over a decade. And, our advertising partnerships are just as strong. We work with recognized national partners including DexKnows, YP, Superpages and Yahoo! to provide our publishers with a range of monetization opportunities.

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      • A complete digital revenue solution
        Over 16 million business listings
        Search and filter functionalities
        Consumers and business audiences
        Social Media, video and map integration
        Self–service user interface
        White label, fully hosted
        High RPM from ad partners
        Web and mobile optimized
        Dedicated account team
        Highest industry payouts!

    • Paid Search Ad Solution

      We recognize that every publisher is unique. We created a flexible ad solution that allows you to display highly relevant, keyword pay-per-click search ads related to your sites content. As a Yahoo! syndication partner, we offer qualified publishers with access to more than 250,000 advertisers in every major vertical at a premium bid rate. Plus, we provide local content with custom profiles to increase user engagement and expand ad placements. Our paid search ad solution inherits your site’s look and feel and can be placed into a variety of content, including search results and mobile. As a publisher ourselves, we understand the importance of fast time and uptime. Our feed performance is the best in the industry.

      • Maximize your revenue
      We manage the optimization of the feed to ensure you get the most competitive RPM opportunity. We give you access to our in-house monetization experts who will help you implement the feed and optimize your site to maximize your revenue potential.

      • A powerful ad solution to meet your needs
      o Over 250,000 advertisers
      o 95% to 98% keyword coverage
      o Highest RPM opportunities
      o Fast ad delivery
      o Continuous optimization
      o Self-service reporting tool
      o Prompt payment

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