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  • fankenguru fankenguru Feb 1, 2014 12:02 PM Flag

    Simple the facts

    From the first three quarters of 2013 were reported from positive EBIDA's and Q4/2013 will be positive, too
    Q1: 0.6 million (reported)
    Q2: 1.2 million (reported)
    Q3: 1.3 million (reported)
    Q4/2013: 1.4 million (result of the guidance of 4.5 million positive EBITDA in 2013)

    Total Cash Flow From Operating Activities increased $326,000 in the first 9 month of 2013: 1,441,000 - 2,172,000 + 1,057,000
    View: Quarterly Data All numbers in thousands
    Period Ending Sep 30, 2013 Jun 30, 2013 Mar 31, 2013
    Net Income (1,744) (3,586) (3,353)
    Operating Activities, Cash Flows Provided By or Used In
    Depreciation 1,163 1,302 1,267
    Adjustments To Net Income 1,449 3,484 1,261
    Changes In Accounts Receivables (1,653) (3,156) (42)
    Changes In Liabilities 1,885 167 2,293
    Changes In Other Operating Activities 341 (383) (369)
    Total Cash Flow From Operating Activities 1,441 (2,172) 1,057

    Strong Cash Flow from Network: The company's efforts to increase sales from its high-margin Network business could help to generate substantial cash flow in the years ahead
    The company's efforts to increase sales from its high-margin Network
    business could help to generate substantial cash flow in the years ahead.
    Local has revved up its sales initiatives within its high-margin Network Publishing
    business. This business helps merchants and community websites monetize
    consumer traffic through genre-specific advertisements carefully targeted to
    consumer interests and local communities. As more revenue accrues from this
    business, the company's margin mix should improve leading to more consistent
    profits and cash flow.
    (Read the complete text with 17 sites direct by Merriman Capital9

    Steady increase of revenues during 2013 will continue in 2014:
    Revenues in 2013
    Q1/2013: 21.8 million (reported)
    Q2/2013: 22.7 million (reported)
    Q3/2013: 23.5 million (reported)
    Q4/2013: 27.0 million (result of the last guidance of 95 million, if you subtract from this 95 million the revenues of Q1 - Q3

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    • complete list of the Krillion-retailers, but allowing all the ZZ-nonsense from a non-existing

    • Very Simple... GO LOCM

    • Local Corporation Expands Krillion® Shopping Platform; Reaches Key Data Milestones Local Corporation
      January 23, 2014 7:30 AM

      IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--

      Local Corporation (LOCM), a leading online local media company, today announced that it has expanded its patented Krillion local shopping platform and reached key data milestones.

      The Krillion local shopping data index, one of the largest and most comprehensive in the industry, now includes approximately 120,000 retail store locations, up 60 percent from 75,000 in October 2013, covering over 4,300 shopping categories, representing millions of localized products. The Krillion platform aggregates dynamic, national and regional retail shopping content, including retail locations, brands, product categories, product images and inventory availability data.

    • Local Corporation Launches Pre-Roll Video Network - Drives Reach for Advertisers and Ad Revenue for Publishers

      IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--
      Local Corporation , a leading online local media company, today announced the launch of its new pre-roll video network for advertisers and publishers.
      The company’s new pre-roll video network provides advertisers with additional reach and exposure for their brands through distribution of customized pre-roll ads through a network of industry-leading video content publishers and sites.
      The growing pre-roll network distributes relevant and targeted pre-roll video content from hundreds of advertisers to consumers through over 350 top sites, including Local Corp.’s flagship-site. The network provides advertisers with impression-level targeted buying, brand-safe inventory access and advanced audience personalization capabilities.

    • Additional/New in Q4/2013 (6)

      Havvit: New Local Product-Inventory App from Local Corp - Monday, December 16, 2013 (Screenwerk)

      Local Corp. has released Havvit, a local-shopping app that leverages the Krillion data and infrastructure that it acquired a couple of years ago. The company intends the app to be a stand-alone consumer experience as well as a “showcase” of what can be done with its data.

      I found Havvit overall to be a well designed and visually appealing app, though less complete in several respects than Find&Save. The latter is cross platform and has additional features not present in Havvit. However the two are not strictly competitors, Local/Krillion could supply data to Find&Save.

      Like Find&Save, Havvit can be customized (follow stores and product categories) and equally supports e-commerce. In addition it has a useful product price-tracking capability not present in Find&Save. But like Find&Save, Havvit doesn’t have product reviews. Krillion product lead (former Krillion CEO) Sherry Thomas-Zon says that reviews are definitely on the roadmap.

    • Local's unique Pay-Per-Call mobile patents (IP) represent valuable strategic assets to the company

      As such, Local intends on initiating an
      aggressive litigation campaign to protect, defend, and monetize these critical
      patents. Collectively, they represent a huge new billion-dollar market opportunity
      that the company refuses to cede to others. Local is also in proceedings with Fry's
      Electronics, defending its Cascading Menu IP, which will hopefully reach a resolution
      shortly. While this current legal affair is not tied to Pay-Per-Call it does show Local's
      propensity to defend its valuable IP

    • Additional/New in Q4/2013 (5)

      Fankenguru increased his ownership to now 96,200 shares through buys in Germany and is very sure to reach a value of $1 million in the not-too-distant future.

      This is only a share-price of $10.50/share and by 23 million outstanding shares of Local Corp a market-cap of low 245 million.

      That are on the base of 120 million revenues in 2014 only low 2-times-revenues.

    • Additional/New in Q4/2013 (4)

      Local Corporation’s Krillion Platform Powers Shopping Channel for
      Expands Distribution of Valuable Product Data to Consumers in Local Markets

      IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 8, 2014-- Local Corporation (NASDAQ: LOCM), a leading online local media company, today announced that it is powering a new local shopping channel for popular New Hampshire site,

      Local Corporation’s new local shopping channel enables publishers to drive new digital revenue and traffic through the integration of dynamic local shopping content from the company’s patented Krillion local shopping platform.

      The local shopping channel delivers relevant store location, pricing, and product availability to ready-to-buy consumers via online and mobile interfaces. The fully hosted, turnkey solution is private-labeled and is free to implement for publishers.

      The channel provides a local discovery experience for both advertisers and consumers, and features one of the largest and most comprehensive local shopping data indexes in the industry, with over 84,000 retail stores, covering over 3,000 shopping categories, representing millions of localized products.

      Local Corporation’s Krillion local shopping platform provides relevant local product search results, including retail locations, brands, categories, product images and product inventory and availability data, to connected consumers researching online prior to purchase.

    • Additional/New in Q4/2013 (3)

      Retail stores of Krillion increased in only on quarter 45,,000 from 75,000 in Q3/2013 to 120,,000 inow - to reach 75,000 needed some years. This is a sign for attractivity of the integration of Krillion and the bis sucess of Havvtit.

    • Additional/New in Q4/2013 (2)

      Local Corporation Launches Mobile Pay-Per-Call Lead Generation Network

      Pay-Per-Call Ad Spending Projected to Reach $8.1 Billion by 2018

      IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 5, 2013-- Local Corporation (NASDAQ: LOCM), a leading online local media company, today announced that it has launched a mobile pay-per-call lead generation network.

      The new network connects online and on-the-go consumers searching for local businesses and services in specific categories with relevant advertisers who provide those services via pay-per-call ads. Based on the valuable pay-per-call ad model, the network provides advertisers with a new channel to generate quality consumer leads in local markets and convert them to customers via mobile.

      The network generates leads for top auto insurance, home security and home service providers. The company plans to expand the network to additional verticals, including education and consumer finance.

      A recent forecast commissioned by Local Corporation and conducted by Borrell Associates, estimates that online pay-per-call ad spending will grow from $1.7 billion in 2013 to $8.1 billion by 2018. The forecast also estimates that use of pay-per-call advertising among U.S. businesses that market online is projected to more than double by 2018.

      “Advertisers are continually looking for new ways to harness consumer demand for their products and services. The mobile pay-per-call lead generation ad model allows them to reach these consumers and convert them into customers,” said Michael Sawtell, Local Corporation president and COO.

      Local Corporation has been issued five patents related to pay-per-call advertising solutions, including U.S. patent number 8,359,049, which is directed to various aspects of mobile, pay-per-call directory assistance and advertising systems and/or methods.

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