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  • fankenguru fankenguru Mar 5, 2014 1:49 PM Flag

    Network-Unit of Local Corp (more than 60% of complete revenues of Local Corp) growing faster than Yelp and Twitter

    The integration of Krillion booooooooooooooost all acitivites of Local Corp - most network
    By combining our patented Localization Engine™ and real-time StockCheck™ technology, our solutions empower you to fully engage web-savvy consumers and lead them down the path to purchase.

    Retailers - Join our retailer program to gain instant access to a wider consumer audience

    PUBLISHERS - Implement our turnkey solutions to add real-time shopping content to your site

    MANUFACTURERS: Capture more customers and increase retail channel sales using a dynamic local shopping where-to-buy solution

    DEVELOPERS: Leverage our API services to build robust applications that deliver a fully integrated shopping experience Less Less

    Growth of the revenues of the network-division of Local Corp (now 61% of all revenues of Local Corp) beats the growth-rates of the revenues of Twitter and Yelp and had go in Q4/2013 and will fastening in 2014.

    Revenues of the Network-Division of Local Corp:
    Q3-12 5.0 million
    Q4-12: 7.6 million
    Q1-13: 8.3 million
    Q2-13: 11.6 million
    Q3-13: 14.5 million
    Q4-13: 16.1 million

    Growth of 8.5 million from 7.6 million in Q4-12 to 16.1 million in Q4-2013 is a growth of 112%.

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    • 16.1 million of the network-unit in Q4/2013 are on a yearly base 64.4. million. The growht -rate of the revenues of the network-unit was in Q4/2013 112% (against Q4/2012).

      My question to you: What is the value of a company with 64.4 million revnues in 2013 and a growth-rate of 112%? Do you think only 37 miullion.

      And additional exist revenues form another units.

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      • Fankenguru, you are right about the value of LOCM but the street is waiting on the CASH versus DEBT to improve, after that, there is no way stopping this... so your investment is great long term, give it a year man, it will go up and up...also there is possibility of buyout or new contracts... this is great investment... I am waiting

    • Growth-rate of Network-Unit of Local Corp (with more than 60% of the complete revenues of Local Corp) was with 112% near double than the growth-rate fo Yelp of only 69% for a company with 22-times-revenues.

      From the last report of Yelp: "Net revenue for the full year ended December 31, 2013 was $233.0 million, an increase of 69% compared to $137.6 million in 2012. Net loss for the full year ended December 31, 2013 was $(10.1) million, or $(0.15) per share, compared to a net loss of$(19.1) million, or $(0.35) per share, for 2012."

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      • Ignore the nonsense of the criminal manipulating ID TANKEN...... from the criminal crime behind The Street Sweeper, who want to hidle the following (Source:Read the complete transctipt about the Confernce Call of Local Corp of Q2/2013 direct on Seeking Alpha):

        "We are making excellent progress on our goal of growing our Network, our most profitable line of business. We are also growing our mobile traffic, with a record 34 million monthly unique visitors from mobile devices during the quarter.

        We exited the daily deals business early in the third quarter, through the sale of Spreebird, which had been a drain on our earnings and cash flow. Comparing our COGS and operating expenses to the prior quarter, Q2 cost of revenue increased slightly, due to higher revenue sharing costs related to higher network revenue. As a percent of revenue, cost of revenue decreased from last quarter, resulting in a slightly improved gross margin percentage from 27.3% to 27.4%.

        Q2 sales and marketing expense decreased $1.2 million from the prior quarter, as we ceased the direct sales efforts of our SMB products in January 2013. Q1 sales and marketing expense included approximately $900,000 of severance and other non-recurring costs."

      • Ignore the nonsense of the criminal manipulating ID TANKEN...... from the criminal crime behind The Street Sweeper: Local Corp has cut the direct sales of SMB products, which was not profitable and needed investments - and other investments like in nettwork hat become more profitable. The close of direct sales of SMB-produtcts reduced the neet of employees from 230 to about 100 and reduced the costs dramatically.

      • Revenues of Local Corp
        2012: 96.0 million
        2013: 94.4 million

    • Krillion Highlights:

      The company recently announced that it expanded its patented Krillion local shopping platform and reached key data milestones, including approximately 120,000 store locations, over 4,300 categories and nearly 3 million localized products, representing 90 percent coverage of the top 100 national retailers.

      The enterprise-ready, flexible platform, seamlessly integrates local shopping data across multiple distribution channels, which allows the company to generate revenue from data licensing and performance ad units.

      The industry has experienced a steady shift from consumers not only searching for local businesses, but now they seek robust local product information with comparative pricing, inventory visibility and location-based store details.

      By connecting consumers with brands and retailers with critical data that shoppers rely on, over time, the company expects to amass a vast repository of data related to consumer behavior and retail trends, such as pricing and inventory availability that is highly valuable to key industry stakeholders, including brands and retailers.

      • Launched Havvit™ Local Shopping App – The company launched version 1.0 of its Havvit local shopping app for iOS® 7-enabled devices, powered by the company’s Krillion local shopping platform.

      • Powered Krillion Shopping Channel for – The company announced that its Krillion platform is powering a new local shopping channel for the popular New Hampshire site,

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