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  • jgarush jgarush Aug 13, 1999 1:25 PM Flag

    Ross heads for the Web

    ATLANTA, Aug. 13 (dbusiness)--Ross Systems Inc.
    has tinkered with one of its applications to make it
    more Web-capable, as it fights to regain investor
    interest after a faltering first quarter.

    company also announced today that its e-commerce division
    has landed its first contract, with the biotech
    division of a major chemical company. Ross did not reveal
    the name of the company. Ross will create a "store
    front" and an order management system for the


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    • I believe the 25th of August is the date. I'm
      betting a loss for the quarter. The problem w/ the board
      is that the Chairman has a fairly large position in
      the stock and he's the major culprit in poor
      performance. He's been around for over 10 years at Ross - go
      back and plot the stock - it sucks. I've made money in
      the past by buying after a poor quarter and selling
      as the stock gets a small rebound. However, now that
      ERP is in the tank - this company is destined to go
      nowhere. Earnings will suffer and there will be very
      little of a rebound. There is no innovation, look at the
      track record, late to client server, now late to
      e-commerce. My next buy would be if they go below $1. Very
      possible by the way!

    • The Yahoo calendar says ROSS' earnings release
      date is supposed to be August 12th. We obviously
      missed that. When is the date? They'll probably release
      earnings at 5:00 pm on a Friday and have the conference
      call on Saturday afternoon so no one will attend. I
      hate this mis-management team, this company and this
      stock. It may be time for me to do some soul searching
      and finally take this loss. The thing that astounds
      me is how the board of directors can stand by and
      accept these lousy results without cleaning house. Maybe
      we all need to send angry letters to the Board. They
      clearly do not have the best interests of the
      shareholders in mind.

      Be cool.

    • I'll bet you:

      1. Ross' 4th quarter will not be profitable
      2. Ross will not go over $3.00 by Christmas
      3. The sun will rise in the East

      You name the amount. Care to wager??

    • I bet the fourth quarter is profitable. If not, I will sell. I am expecting good things. I think we will see Ross up big before Xmas.

    • Good Luck.....

    • Good Luck Ross longs. I finally pulled the plug
      yesterday and closed out my position. I got into this stock
      about 2 years ago on recommendations from MM and have
      had this feeling of slow death ever since. I don't
      think it would serve any useful purpose to slam this
      stock, where would you start? I'll periodically check
      back in to see if there's any stockholders classaction
      lawsuit initiated against the BOD's for the duration of
      my stock owership.
      Along with their new direction
      in e-commerce, entering new locations in N.Africa
      and China, when I see Ross state they will be looking
      for oportunities in Anartic, I know I did the only
      sensible thing to do - sell!!
      Good Luck longs.

    • why ROSS keeps trying these back to back
      Investors have caught on.
      It's great to have sales and
      new directions.
      But they don't come in
      Too much like they are trying to push the
      Let the company performance speak for itself.
      it seems like they're doing more damage than
      New PR people needed.
      Anyone else agree or am I