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  • swerd96 swerd96 Sep 16, 2005 1:42 PM Flag

    First of several announcements,0,5892840.stor

    Hmm, quotes from studio heads.

    These quotes peeked my interest.

    "We're talking about 10% of the screens in the United States becoming digital," said Chuck Viane, president of Buena Vista Pictures Distribution."

    Me thinks Chucky-boy knows the names of the exhibitors to be announced.

    Bruce Snyder, Fox's president of domestic distribution, said the studio was "knee-deep in negotiations with Christie."
    "We have been negotiating for several months," he said. "They're ongoing. I expect them to come to fruition shortly."

    Me thinks 20th Century Fox is the next studio to shack up with AccessIT.

    Disney promised to pay AccessIT a fee for each digital copy of its movies. The fee is based on the difference between Disney's cost of distributing a film print and the cost of digital distribution. On average, film distribution costs $1,300 to $1,500 per print, whereas digital distribution via satellite broadcast or DVD costs about $200, AccessIT Chief Executive Bud Mayo said.

    Me thinks the virtual print fee is $200. No most-favored-nation status here.

    Disney also committed to distributing most, if not all, of its 16 to 18 new releases next year in both digital and film format, Viane said, helping boost the number of movies available to keep digital screens occupied and theater owners happy.

    Me thinks this is the most important part of the news release. Me thinks this will hasten other studios to convert to digital format & exhibitors to convert to digital projectors. Me thinks this is a very good news for AccessIT and the ramp-up of digital cinema.

    "At least five major studios were actively considering the various plans for digitally distributing their movies".

    Me thinks 2-3 of the five studios are talking to AccessIT.

    One senior studio distribution chief said "he believed that unless all of the major studios supported one central vendor, the business model for digital cinema wouldn't work, adding that the use of multiple vendors would make the business model too complex."

    Me thinks this is a very interesting comment from a person who has no name. Me thinks this person has an agenda. Me thinks 2 - 3 digital distribution vendors is ok too.

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