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  • ntack5 ntack5 Mar 15, 2008 2:31 PM Flag

    Never, ever, never, ever, never

    argue with an idiot, b/c folks won't know who the idiot is. I keep getting sucked back in as if somehow the voice of reason will prevail. It never does with an idiot.

    I see some folks whining about, "it's too quiet...I need someone to argue with..." Must be a bunch of kids who never had a sibling to play with so they make up pretend friends.

    My time's too valuable. Don't bother responding as I won't be checking this board anymore.

    My strong opinion is Lifetime is a great company with lots of potential. I'll hold my position and add more on weakness. Time will tell who's right.

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    • 'I'll hold my position and add more on weakness.'

      Well at least you admit you are a clueless investor-
      first rule of trading/investing....
      Never ever ever ever... throw good money after bad money.
      You have a loser on your hands...
      You were wrong on the timing and the direction and the company....
      So, to put in more money (good money) on something that you were wrong (bad money) is to waste good money on a bad trade.
      And until BA resigns or it tossed... this will remain the same company thats lost lots of money for lots of investors.

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