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  • yebi_svoya yebi_svoya Jul 6, 2004 2:02 PM Flag

    No WMD

    LONDON July 6, 2004 (Reuters) - Britain's Tony Blair admitted on Tuesday that biological and chemical weapons, which he once insisted Saddam Hussein had primed for use, may never be found.

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    • agreed.

    • I have had ThirdMillion on Ignore for a long time. The arrogance without understanding
      is what has clued me into his clueless info.
      Sometimes he does have glimmers of wisdom
      and it is sometimes good to have some one
      force you to recheck your thoughts..

    • Tripe:

      Informal. Something of no value; rubbish.

      He's got a new nickname. :)

      Thanks Jessop.

    • I don't really use the word that often. However, it really does apply to most ofthe posts from TM. That guy doesn't understand the real world.

    • ||I have an insight that you do not have or you would not write the the tripe you do.|||

      Ya gota love that word tripe! It doesn't get thrown around enough these days. :))

    • >> I believe my cognitive abilities exceed yours.


      Barely more than a whisper, and not quite audible to the couple at his right, he blurts "...he'd have to be a lima bean...."

    • You read your books, I'll read mine. I believe my cognitive abilities exceed yours, simply because you have failed to demonstrate any thoughts of value or worth.
      What I previously posted still holds true. I have an insight that you do not have or you would not write the the tripe you do.

    • TM,
      You are one ignorant SOB aren't you. You do not know how to make an analogy that puts 2 + 2 together. There is a direct correlation to being close to a military situation and not being close to a military situation in order to make sense of the argument. You have not been close to the Iraqi war from the military standpoint. You have probably not discussed military matters with those that were very recently there and could provide deep insight. Because of this, you speak from ignorance. While I do not speak as one who has been "right there", I have spoken to those that were right there and have gained an insight that you are not privy to. That is my whole point.

      ?you couldn't be qualified to vote unless you yourself have run for office; I could give any number of analogies? This ?analogy? is not an analogy at all. It is not connecting the dots; it is jumping from one statement to a completely irrelevant conclusion. Total nonsense.

    • Yes sir,
      My fingers occasionally get typing quicker than they should. And I really should proof read my stuff but I'm trying to do too many things at once. I apologize for my egregious errors.

    • Assuming there are such "suitcase nukes", they don't go "dead" - suitcase nukes are "gun type" bombs, hence made with U-235, which (a) doesn't self-poison and (b) doesn't require an initiator. If you're expert enough to understand that, you'll get the point... >>

      Assuming there are... you sure know a lot about the specifics of items of which you question the existence. I'm still scratching my noggin on that one. Where's Dr. Airy? Maybe he can help reconcile this one. Oh hell, he's probably still stuck on one of my earlier posts. I don't want to blow his circuits or anything. Hell, lets give him the benefit of the doubt. Yeah, he's probably writing another one of his 9 page posts, so's we fall asleep reading them, and just assume he wrote something intelligent. Yeah... that's it.

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