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  • dvd1007 dvd1007 Dec 18, 1997 1:47 PM Flag

    Re: Who cares? Most Americans say I DO

    I tend to agree with Isip1, I WANT TO OWN AS MUCH TERA STOCK AS POSSIBLE. dvd.

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    • I hate to sound like such a cheerleader without going into more detail as to why I love TERA so much. Sorry if I'm being redundant I havent read this whole message board.

      I. DARPA- The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency
      This little know government agency invests our tax dollars in companies and project that they believe will keep the US on
      the cutting edge of technology. They've invested in Sun Micro, Cisco systems and did some funding for the internet backbone.
      They invested 20m into TERA at it's inception. TERA started up with only 50m the rest of the money coming mostly from private
      investors (more on that later) and 40% of your start up investments in the form of a government grant that you don't have to repay is
      a GREAT way to start. It's expected that the US will receive the discount rate on the MTA (8m).

      II. David Cutler - Chief Engineer of Windows NT at MSFT
      I've always tried to invest where the top guys are investing but the commitment that Cutler has made to TERA is remarkable. He invested 8m in the beginning, basically buying himself a seat on the board (where he still sits), and was instrumental in attracting alot of the early private investors. Cutler, unlike DARPA, does expect something in return for his 8m.

      BUSINESS WEEK 11/11/96:

      To David Cutler, Microsoft Corp.'s manager of operating-system development, it's also interesting from the business side- so much so that he bought a stake in Tera and is on the board. Cutler says Tera's multithreading approach will be needed within five years for a new generation of desktops. "There is a real promise for the future," says Cutler, who headed development of the Windows NT multithreading operating system.

      Wow. There goes all that talk about there being no market for the MTA. Let me reiterate(and emphasize), "...will be NEEDED within five years for a new generation of DESKTOPS." I cant even think about this too long it hurts my head.

      III. John B. Jones Jr. -- Group Coordinator for Salomon Brothers Global Information Technology Team.

      This guy, who's name appears on the 30-page SB report, has been promoted to head of Global Technology for the new Salomon Smith Barney and now has 27 analysts working for him (up from 17 at Salomon). He loves it and this gives him a bigger soapbox to stand on and a bigger audience (like the 10,400 Smith Barney brokers who've never heard of TERA).

      The MTA, in my opinion, represents the biggest technogical breakthrough in supercomputing in the last 2 decades. Cray Research was never able to improve on the T-90 due to the bulky processor format and lack of scalability. Imagine the dramatic effect an announcement to that effect from San Diego would have on the share price.

      Happy Holidays.

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