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  • dvd1007 dvd1007 Feb 27, 1998 12:24 AM Flag

    Re: Who cares? Most Americans say I DO

    ozzy. I truly am hoping that this is the "good news". You know me, It's the truth. I just couldn't hold on so long. My faith began to weaken. I am out of my league with TERA. It began as a investment, but then it got emotional and I lost sight. If they get it together, I hope everyone who has been here as long as me and less prospers, I love a new start that make the monsters say "what".
    While I am currently out, I am not short.(no huevos). If I do, I will be honest. I just feel that you may still be in for a longer ride than you expect. regards, dvd.

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    • I think you mean "kajones".

      "Huevos" are eggs.

    • True DVD, but why hang on this long then bail? We're up another point with big volume indicating that indeed that somethin' be up. I've been in and out with this one at least 4 times. Am back in at 11 now. will hang until it breaks either way. Check out WAST. should edge up for a nice profit


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      • Ozzy, I had other opportunities. Also, I had (over all) reached my goal here. If this it the begining of good things to
        come, there will be time for me to get back in. If this goes as far as once anticipated, there will be no big dif. between 12-16.
        I need something concrete before I get back in. And I hope I am soon. 'Cause I want to go to the shareholders meetin' and see
        first hand if Preston wears Chuck Taylors. They go with everything. I have worn mine with a Tux at very formal engagements, and
        they were recieved well.
        Okay, so the Chuck's get a warm welcome, but how will I be recieved at the meetin'(In light of this board)dvd.

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